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    What are these called?

    Football bar
  2. dds

    Kentucky pistol owners

    Wish NC had that
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    Training headaches

    Are you hydrated enough? I get pounding headaches when I haven't had enough fluids that day
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    Best pre workout?

    To be honest, the best pre-workout for me is knowing I need to kill that weight or to make sure my training partner can't keep up with me....PWO supps have never really worked out for me
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    German Volume Training results?

    Or they over estimate their strength.... I've seen to many people think 40# DB curls for 100 reps is light
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    Starr Rehab Program

    In to follow
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    Equipment for Small Dorm

    Look into prison style workouts, tons of bodyweight work will make u grow, check out Josh Bryant from Jail House Strong
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    Losing Your Pet, Your Best Friend :-(

    She looks alot like my lola....sorry for ur lose
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    What brought you here

    Internet Explorer brought me here doing a search for TRT info
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    MUSCLE STRENGTH: Highest in the Afternoon

    U got a link to this? I'd like to read up on this. By the way I lift after work, starting about 530pm
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    Preventing back injuries

    I'm not adoc but if it was me who would use a trapbar to DL with from here on out even after u get your back fixed
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    Getting Back in Shape Routine

    Look into 5/3/'s a simple and easy plan to follow....
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    What’s the best belt for squats/deads?

    Roll it up tight and use it like a foam roller...that will work it pretty fast
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    How Often Do You 1 Rep Max???

    I max out twice a year to see my progress, but since I follow 5/3/1 it's really not a big deal to me
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    I though this thread was about banging in the mud!
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    Do Prepackaged Programs like Insanity, P90X work?

    This....sticking with a program u believe in is better then anything.
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    What’s the best belt for squats/deads? I bought one local to NC and have used it for 5-6yrs and it's still going strong I bought single prong in rust
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    I gainzed about 2# of prime rib in my belly tonight