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  1. Donald Trump running for president

    No no, I am the joker.
  2. Donald Trump running for president

    I actually just restated what you have posted in here several times about teaching about how bad democrats were and it was just to emphasize what a hypocrite loudmouth you are, while also trying to act like a religious man. For someone who doesn't "take anything I say seriously" you sure are...
  3. Anabolic Hair loss

    The frightening part is the depression that is reported. Upwards of 75% in a couple of studies have anywhere from mild to severe depression that lasts once stopping. I only know 2 guys personally that have taken/are taking it and one said it's fine but libido is down and the other stopped...
  4. Anyone ever reduce the dose of straight test cycle

    I could never take more than 300mg and to be honest, I got more out of that than most guys I knew running 500. Once I go over 300 I just feel like crap and always have a racing heart, which makes me feel super unhealthy.
  5. Donald Trump running for president

    Technically I said, “most”. If you feel you fall into that, so be it. I mean, you are the loudest here continuously blanketing liberals and Democrats with your insults and hatred. Shoot, you are even trying to influence the children in your family to think the same. That’s one of the funniest...
  6. Donald Trump running for president

    I've never hid the fact I don't like the guy, literally nothing about him or his family sits well with me. And honestly, most of his supporters come across as nothing but simple hillbilly bullies. But, it has nothing to do with political party, it's how he and his administration operate and what...
  7. Donald Trump running for president

    It's pointless and a waste of time, not to mention it makes Trump look like a bigger buffoon than already. It's like he has a team of amateurs just throwing anything they can hoping it sticks and no one gives a crap. And I'd say the same if it were a democrat doing it.
  8. Test Cyp - Body Hair Growth

    Looking at pictures over the years I have been on TRT is comical with how hairy I got. If I did not keep up on maintenance, I would look like a bear.
  9. Donald Trump running for president

    I wish I could say this verbatim when my in-laws come over for an outside, physically distanced and mask wearing Thanksgiving this year. That was great.
  10. Donald Trump running for president

    Ok, haha. I misread it then, my fault.
  11. Donald Trump running for president

    Oh stop it, like the shitty Republicans are American. They all are the same, pieces of crap that only care about their own agenda. BigT is in his own little bubble and a bit out of touch with reality.
  12. Anyone worried if Corona virus keeps spreading the gyms will shut down?

    That we can agree on. They all make me sick and every time I see one on television non stop lying, I want to punch them in the face.
  13. Anyone worried if Corona virus keeps spreading the gyms will shut down?

    Listen, I disagree with the shutdown approach and feel that it will do far more harm than good. But I also cannot understand the mentality of people trying to act and say that this is a hoax or somehow made up like it is some American thing. Is it as bad as they say- who really knows at this...
  14. Anyone worried if Corona virus keeps spreading the gyms will shut down?

    Why is the rest of the world dying from this virus at the rate they are if it is an American health isuse and why is the world all practicing what the devil Dems are asking Americans to do if this is a cover up? You guys live in such myopia it's ridiculous.
  15. High Hematocrit/Hemoglobin issues

    It's common and especially if you live at altitude. My specialists don't even bat an eye until it starts hitting the 54-55 range as long as everything else is in place. Dehydration is the biggest culprit here and part of the reason why guys that go in and get labs in the early morning may have...
  16. Anyone worried if Corona virus keeps spreading the gyms will shut down?

    I don't get why everyone goes and stocks up on paper products, you'd think it would be the tin foil that is selling out.
  17. Donald Trump running for president

    I'll take my Bitcoin instead thankuverymuch.
  18. Anyone worried if Corona virus keeps spreading the gyms will shut down?

    Looks like it is back to cardio focus. On the plus side of that, I took my annual and did all my bloodwork last week and my doc said whatever you're doing keep it up because my BP and HR were as low as they've ever been.
  19. Donald Trump running for president

    I get the bar/drunk and making bad decisions thing. Everything else closing is comical and makes it seem less legitimate.
  20. Injecting testosterone twice a week?

    It's common and guys are always trying to optimize, even doing ED and EOD, but the truth is that at lower doses, the benefit is negligible for most. It does nothing for RBC or HCT, in fact it tends to raise it and unless you are very sensitive, the effects on e2 are minimal. It does, however...