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  1. Kristofer68SS

    WTB= Primordial Dermacrine not BPS

    WTB= Primordial Dermacrine,... not BPS i have paypal locked and loaded. Willing to pay 50 ish shipped. the sooner the better can pay immediately!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Kristofer68SS

    several tubs of summer craze

    only looking to trade for primordial products......or 150 shipped. paypal gift, cash or check. comes with nufocus focus booster samples. pm me
  3. Kristofer68SS

    Apllied Nutriceuticals IGF-2 , 2 bottles plus torqued plus neovar

    just found these. 2 sealed bottles of IGF-2, 240 each- lot number 16240611 , expo EO613 1 open and full to top bottle of torqued(igf-2) 2/11 expo tossed in for free 3 bottles of neovar, expired but sealed, free. all of it in one bang. 85 firm paypal shipped usps parcel domestic, lower 48.
  4. Kristofer68SS

    wtb cycle support- orange

    wtb 1 - 3 tubs. AI Cycle Support Orange Flavor pm your best prices shipped. can paypal asap!
  5. Kristofer68SS

    FDA at it again. Please write or call your representative
  6. Kristofer68SS

    Beast 2 shredded review

    Just posting up my review of Beast's 2 shredded that i got from the free sample promo. Its pretty simple and to the point. I noticed my body temperature increase within 30 minutes and lasted about 4-5 hours. Appetite suppression was there, but i could still eat. 4-6 hours, I liked that...
  7. Kristofer68SS

    Blood Panels, have a gander, input or advice welcome.

    Blood panels 6 weeks after last dose of sust. I punished my body for a good year with at least 2- 6-8 week oral cycles consisting of some sort of superdrol and tren xtreme and alot of cruising and blasting with sustanon. These numbers are still technically in pct but am very happy with them...
  8. Kristofer68SS

    Get Diesel Nutrition and DTHC crew GTFIH !!!

    Where is diesel nutrition at these days? I have a stockpile of the DTHC and was thinking of running a Diesel PPCT stack for a winter bulk and body recovery session. I haveth- DTP-1 DTHC, 3 versions deep. -8 Sunami-1 Ether tabs-2 Older version of Ether(clumped like a rock)-1 Ether level one...
  9. Kristofer68SS

    Need for my peep- Forged Burner, Forma-Stazol and Sustain Alpha(dermals) buy or trade

    I am looking for a friend guys and Im not holding so... I need the following. 1 each Forged Burner, 1 or 2 Forma Stanzol and 1 or 2 Sustain Alpha MUST BE DERMAL. Paypal or tradez, I have other NTBM to trade, AI sports, Primordial, CEL, Diesel Nutrition, ALRI., etc etc etc etc etc...
  10. Kristofer68SS

    USPLabs Lot Prime Pfull Vattack 110 shipped lower US.

    90 Count Pfull-April 2013 120 Counts Prime-April 2012 100 grams Vat Attack- slight clumpy, just use scale should be good to go Firm 90 shipped lower US. possible trades. older primorial performance, older NTBM, older Anabolic Xtreme
  11. Kristofer68SS

    Deads and Squats N2KTS Workout Review

    Let me preface that I have abstained from using N2KTS for several weeks due to availability of stock. aka "Hoarding of said supplement". With its availability at Mr.Supps now I can use it again, **** yeah!! I love this ****!. I feel like a beast on it. Even after working out, hours later my...
  12. Kristofer68SS

    Monday Sale Code!!!!!!!!

    We all love monday's so here is a code to get some great products at a great price!! Enjoy guys- Remember free FAST domestic shipping. Giveme20 <----- use discount code Giveme20 for 20% off any order at +free shipping for all us orders. This sale will run from now till...
  13. Kristofer68SS

    Big sunday sale at Need2!!

    "buy3get1free" <------ no code no deal. You heard it right peeps. everything in the store is buy 3 get one free +10% off and 2-3 day free shipping in the USA.. EVERYTHING IN THE STORE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM IS BUY 3 GET 1 FREE +10%OFF AND FREE 2-3 DAY SHIPPING IN THE USA!!!!! YOU MUST...
  14. Kristofer68SS

    Strictly Anabolic! , Innovations that is. Kristofer's back from the sick, AI Log.

    The STRICTLY ANABOLIC STACK begins NOW!!! I am finally back to 100% after fighting off a terrible head and chest cold on and off for the last 2 months. It was bad. One trip to the doctor(rx meds), a trip to the ER(6 stitches) and several trips to Walgreen's. My primary goal with this stack...
  15. Kristofer68SS

    For Sale: Anabolic Innovations Chaos, GPLC and LCLT Pump Stack (Muscle Builders)

    I have way too many supplements and thought I would give the members of AM a chance to partake in some incredible products. I have 2 of these pump stacks for sale. $125 for each stack Paypal Gift payment or add 3% for fees. I will not separate, so please do not ask. GPLC is very hard to find...
  16. Kristofer68SS

    CRY! Stitches Inside

    I has a sick. Very bad actually. Been on Z-Pack, Claritin and Mucinex for 24 hours. Cant breathe, hacking, no sleep, no strength, work is a mothertrucker and no gym. To top it all off, I was working on a Powerstroke today and slashed my eyebrow on the hood. 6 lovely stitches and a bad...
  17. Kristofer68SS

    For Sale: Controlled Labs PW, GG, WF (Amino Acids)

    I has sealed 3 PW Grape 2 WF Lemon and Raspberry 1 GG All of these are the larger versions. 50 and 90 servings I believe. Im looking to trade or taking legitimate paypal offers on partials or the whole lot. I just have too many damn powders as it is. This stuff is a pain to ship, so...
  18. Kristofer68SS

    For Sale: WTB or WTT for Anabolic Innovations Vanilla Protein (Protein)

    WTB or Trade for a sealed tub of AI Van. Protein. Bring it! [CLASSIFIED1542]
  19. Kristofer68SS

    Newest Team Anabolic Member!

    I present to you, Sapphire. lulz Many thanks to Crowler and AI for the many samples and T-shirt.
  20. Kristofer68SS

    Anabolic Innovations Vanilla Beta Sample with CS

    So the goods came today in the mail. Sweet! I was excited to try the protein, as I have been really wanting to see AI add protein back to their lineup. Awesome! So heres how it went down.