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  1. netflixNchill

    Epiandro VS Androsterone (R-andro) Experiences

    Just looking for constructive feedback on everyone’s experiences with both; and why one may choose to run one over the other. I understand R-Andro is suppose to be the stronger isomer, but I’m trying to hear from those that still prefer Epiandro over R-Andro, and why. Thanks guys
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    PRE SARMs Discounts

    Hey guys, just spreading the word
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    PRE Sale Heads Up

  4. netflixNchill

    Heads up PRE New Years Sale

    Hey what’s up guys, got this on Monday
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    PRE Black friday heads up

    Quoted from a newsletter email I got this morning; “Please enjoy the following discounts until Tuesday, Dec 3rd. BF25 - 25% off all orders below $100 BF30 - 30% off all orders over $100 BF35 - 35% off all orders over $200 BF40 - 40% off all orders over $350 *Combo Packs, Hex-D, and...
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    Unanswered Heads up on PRE 35% Off Sale

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    Unanswered Enhanced Formulations PH’s

    Just a heads up that EF’s Prohormones are $40 currently with discount code August50
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    Unanswered Heads up on Enhanced Formulations sale

    I know there’s a million preworkout for sale but I’m sure people will find use in 50% off Prohormones
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    Answered Heads up on PRE Sale

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    Answered PRE

    I see they’re back on here with banners so I guess it’s cool if I talk about them again. I’m sure they’d appreciate the passing of info; here’s a sale they emailed me earlier.
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    Anyone have any experience with this prohormone? It appears a handful of companies are selling it
  12. netflixNchill

    Netflix's Trestolone Ace Research Log

    Here at Netflix R&D, LLC we have just gotten in a beautiful vial of Trestolone Acetate (75mg/mL) My test subject AJ, a 24 year old orangutan, has currently been given a therapeutic dose of Testosterone Enanthate for the past 6 weeks in between his "blasts and cruises", whatever the...
  13. netflixNchill

    Legality of Trest Ace (Ment)

    Is this technically still fair game? How come no research chem sites sell it for research purposes?
  14. netflixNchill

    NetflixNchill tries out sarms

    So normally I'm an injectables kinda guy but I've been abusing my body a little and decided maybe I should look into sarms. I did a bold/test cycle up until march and then went on pct. On April 23rd, I decided to start RAD140/LGD at 10mg each. Split into two dosing a day. Will be logging the...
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    Board Sponsor

    Where can you find the forum RC sponsors on here?
  16. netflixNchill

    Can't believe they just banned that!

    Totally got you all... Ha. Ha. Anyways, Has anyone heard if any company has been prosecuted for still distributing msten,dmz, alpha one, etc. ?? I'm talking under the DASCA 2014 regulations? I couldn't find a single company charged yet from breaking this somewhat new law
  17. netflixNchill

    PHWsupps, nutriverse, etc

    Can all the reps (or owners) for online sellers please give me a PM. Thank you
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    Got 2 bottles from a friend and they're clumpy milky consistency. Not doubting the legitimacy of them, just curious if they've possibly started to degrade. It's alpha one from before the ban
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    Just trying to get a consensus from experienced users on this oral. It seems a few online sites have it for sale still which I find odd. But also intrigues me, may add it mid cycle to add a few pounds
  20. netflixNchill

    Boldenone experience

    Just started a tren base, boldenone cyp, test iso cycle and was curious what to expect from the boldenone cyp