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  1. The New Product Release Thread

    Two years ? Like eight hours a day , five days a week ... kind of two years? l wonder how many scientists were working on this project? It will be glorious...

    Nostrums Td dien is legit as hell , l used his older version and Im running his dienolotion right now. it may be my favorite compound .
  3. IF 2020 GETS ANY WORSE...

    Condolences bro

    Thebigt I hope that you don’t mind but Ive used your code for my purchase. Hehe . lm glad that you convinced me to give it try . Have yourself a great weekend.

    also feeling of being on is present . On top of that I like the fact that it drys fast , no grease residue no funky smell . I will run it solo for another week ( want to see if my gyms will stay open ) and then I will add something ( SD maybe ) to it and get them gainz lol .

    got leaner , libido is up and I was not able to work out pretty much at all , gyms in my area will open this weekend so I just can’t wait to see what will it do with a proper regiment . it’s a solid product it wont pack a ton of muscle by itself but I believe it works well .

    A7 is available , just bought two bottles. Done with the first one , running a second one , two more on the way . Great staff .
  8. Alpha Seven?

    i was joking , partially....
  9. Alpha Seven?

    yep that’s what scares me . Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the activity but Im in my forties and it takes a lot out of me , back in the day a would take a nap after , now I need one during ... and don’t get me started on cramps. $hit I’m afraid I’m gonna break a hip .... lol . all joking a side I...
  10. Alpha Seven?

    It could be your demeanor and your paps knows you well . 3 days is a bit early to see physical changes in my opinion . lm on my fifth day and I got a bit of the ,, on ,, feeling , but it’s all in my head.
  11. Viron underdosed?

    Dude just asked a question , some of you boys need to work on your people skills .....
  12. Topical AndroLotion

    There’s something cool coming , according to FB . Wonder if its gonna be available for everyone or a chosen few .
  13. Alpha Seven Beta Bottles

    Thanks guys, I will go check it.
  14. Alpha Seven Beta Bottles

    First of all man thanks for your help . Is there any IF or IL products that would be beneficial for a lady?
  15. Alpha Seven Beta Bottles

    Pulled a trigger on it . On a different note is 7keto safe for a female ?(looking for something for my old lady and no I’m not planning to let her use A7 lol) seams like some of those DHEAs have some nice effects.
  16. Who are you ordering from for your research (US) ?

    PRE is good to go so is MA research. Both are sponsors in here.
  17. Who are you ordering from for your research (US) ?

    PRE is good to go so is MA research. Both are sponsors in here.
  18. Alpha Seven Beta Bottles

    Lol I guess so but as you can see sd at 15 and td trest at ~35 a day is far from hardcore. Twenty years ago 30 mg of sd a day chased with a NoFear was a week sauce . Thanks for your time , stay safe bud .
  19. Alpha Seven Beta Bottles

    Not shorter then 8 weeks preferably 10/12 . Trest would be basically a test base for sd and dien ( sd as a kickstart at 15mg for 4 or so weeks and dien trough out . Nothing would be ran at extremely high doses . But as I said I may just postpone it till next year and run something nice a easy/...
  20. Alpha Seven Beta Bottles

    Thank you . So it’s safe to assume that proper pct is a must . I got trest/sd sprinkled with dien all line up but as of now it is not to wise to start it .( not sure if Im gonna run it so late in a year , I like to run a cycle a year, preferably on a very beginning of it , so Im contemplating...