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  1. Joint health/Joint pain

    I'm a big fan of cissus and animal flex.
  2. Injecting testosterone twice a week?

    That's what I do. More stable levels imo.
  3. The New Product Release Thread

    It's very good. Had one yesterday.
  4. New Forum Sponsor Supreme Labs USA

    Very happy with these folks so far. Made two orders and the products have been priced well and of very good quality. Thanks
  5. Morphogen Products...

    Great protein, aminos and joint support. I'd like to try the sleep one at some point.
  6. In the Mail ....

    Curious how it compares to Morphogens PB&J...
  7. The New Product Release Thread

    Probably a capped product. Orthogen isn't the most pleasant thing to drink. I usually mix some aminos or g fuel bahama mama to make it enjoyable.
  8. Sleep help

    Except for recommending all those benzos. LOL. You aren't ok with weed but think it's good advice to list all the benzos one can take? I used to be like you, hooked on pills and eager to get others online to join me! Unless you want your wife to become an addict don't take advice from this guy...
  9. The New Product Release Thread

    Hope there's a warhead sour apple coming. Looking forward to the sour watermelon 🍉 tho
  10. Morphogen Nutrition????

    You can usually find 10-15% codes and they always give free shipping. I really like their Synthagen aminos. A steeping scoop will flavor a half gallon pretty nice. Other brands often require more. Their protein is really nice as well. The PB&J digest well and have a balanced flavor profile...
  11. In the Mail ....

    I did and I used DAVID10 for 10% off.
  12. The bio hacker mk677 log

    I've done over 14 days so far IM into side quad. I decided to not take breaks and just run this continuously to help with the lethargy and water retention. When I first got it, I did 5 on 2 off once, but haven't done that since. I've noticed the lethargy after the shot is getting less intense...
  13. In the Mail ....

    Been using Animal Flex for the past year and decided to switch it up for a month. Looking forward to this!
  14. Dante Trudel takes on topical Ecdy?

    The natural injectables sound more interesting to me. Any chance those will see the light of day?
  15. Injectable mk677 and sarms

    5 days in with mk677 injections. What I've noticed is slight lathergy about an hour after injection that passes. After that I have energy. I dose mid afternoon and don't feel lathergic the next day like oral mk677. So I already prefer this for that reason. There is some muscle soreness after...
  16. In the Mail ....

    Next couple of months is looking good 💪
  17. The New Product Release Thread

    I'm looking forward to trying the vanilla cola aminos. A bit nervous but have faith they pulled it off.
  18. Supreme labs first contest

    Order #16280
  19. New Forum Sponsor Supreme Labs USA

    Even better. Thanks for the fast response
  20. New Forum Sponsor Supreme Labs USA

    AM20 code isn't working for me