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  1. CEL Super Swole review

    I add flavor drops to nearly every workout drink I drink (which is several a day). This is usually enough to make good ones taste great and bad ones at least palatable

    Psycho used to make their Asylum BCAA product with 200 mg caffeine and 150 mg Panthergy. Weird product for me. The first sips wake me up pretty good. But it levels off, around 3/4 scoop is my sweet spot. It’s about 3-4 hours of good energy and focus and a noticeable crash later. I found high...
  3. Thoughts on just Ashwaghanda for a natty boost?

    I don’t really like it as an “adaptogen”. It makes me awake when I want to sleep and sleepy when I want to be alert.
  4. hi-tech pharm off the chain supplement

    Yes. They removed the DMAA and replaced it with Guyasa extract. Jack’d Up and some of the more aggressive products replaced the DMAA with DMHA or more Senegalia and isopropylnorsynephrine.
  5. Tell SNS What You Would Like to See From Us (2020 Edition)

    This... just going to be a hard sell as a lot of other anabolics run around that price range. Not a comment on effectiveness, just that I’d rather try anabolic effect for the price, for example.
  6. Want free BLR product?

    Does it have to include face or only products in a nice setting?
  7. Excelsior pre

    I believe that Hellnox is super light on the stims. DAA and tribulus and a “test boost” focus. Please don’t buy it expecting DMAA or something wild
  8. Adrafinil stacked with Rhodiola

    -Finil compounds are usually pretty different and will last much longer than Rhodiola. This sounds like a headache inducing combo to me. I have combined with iForce Compete (BCAA product) with ~100 mg rhodiola and no negative interactions. I like to add a little to a more aggressive fat...
  9. Han Swolo Feedback Thread

    I noticed the bottle says “60 caps” on the front and only 30 caps per the label on the back. looking forward to try, just arrived
  10. Branding Direction, You DECIDE!

    I like the Greek one, generally. Massacre and Ignite are my least favorite because I always feel the guys have a pumpkin on their head ( l get that it’s armor, just saying) The earlier red and white labels (Bloodshred Raw, origin, etc) were actually my favorite though. Feel the plain look below...
  11. Tell SNS What You Would Like to See From Us (2020 Edition)

    Walmart sells this too, as a store brand (Spring Valley Mind and Memory support) ironically. I was shocked when I researched it and actually saw it was a legit ingredient. it did strengthen mind-muscle connection and smells pleasant when you open the bottle. This could be popular as I have seen...
  12. Alpha-Yohimbine HCl 

    That holds for me < 1 mg. Small dose of alpha y is smooth and energetic, too much and now I feel dominated by the side effects. Regular Y I can handle 3-4 mgs. What’s weird for me is I used to love the 5 mgs of Alpha Y in Bloodshred Raw and other intense pre’s with 3-4mg. Now it makes me heart...
  13. Answered Kanna dosage

    They are just different, really. My first experiences were with the extracts. It’s a very subtle addition to the pre-workout. Hard to tell that it’s there but could feel a slight bit more energy that’s hard to explain. Almost a very slight tweak feeling. This goes away above 25 mg and it becomes...
  14. Answered Kanna dosage

    very little. But there is a noticeable difference compared to full spectrum Kanna. Extracts will be dosed around 12.5-25 mg whereas full spectrum goes 500-1000 mg. I like the extracts for normal use but the high-dose full spectrum ones take it to another place entirely , at least for the first hour
  15. any feedback on Kanna (Zembrin) for anxiety and autoimmune issues?

    Competing extracts going for the same idea. Zembrin seems more picky about licensing it. Disappointed that Psycho Pharma dropped their mega dose of Kanna (like 500 mg) in exchange for 25 mg of Zembrin. At least for mesembrine, the primary alkaloid, the standardization is identical. I would say...

    Tracking just showed up for me a few minutes ago. Maybe still working through it.
  17. 1 andro hi tech are good?

    The product is legit if that’s what you’re looking for, yeah
  18. BPI bcaa shredded - Good, bad, meah

    It’s an okay product for the price. Frequently dips into the $15 range on Amazon. The paradoxine dose is useless for fat loss but you can almost taste it. Carnitine has lots of health benefits, including fat loss. If you’ve never taken any before this is not a bad place to start.
  19. New Black Lion Research VASODILATOR****

    I am impressed by the launch price + Labor Day sale. I was expecting $39.99 so didn’t really look at this, but going ahead and trying this and your nootropic for about that price combined. First BLR product, interested to try and thanks for bringing something different to market
  20. email notifications

    Super strange. Maybe your appeal worked. I have yahoo and just started getting them again last night.