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  1. Lights Out

    Hey guys, I was looking into humanofort and was seeing good reviews on Lights Out and then on Out Cold. I was wondering if these are still in production as a couple sites say they have them but after calling, they actually don't.
  2. First Bloodwork

    Hey guys, I didn't know where else to post this, so I thought the anabolic section would have more people experienced with blood work. Last week I saw an old post on how to get the female hormone testing (total test/estra, cmp, cbc) for cheap and thought it would be cool to see where I am...
  3. Sns xgels?

    Hey guys! Just got my order for some phosphotidic acid and was wondering if there were any deals at the moment for Xgels or some of xfactor. Anyone know of something still going on right now?
  4. Killer labz brute bcaa

    Hey guys! I've been seeing ads for killer labz and am having a hard time finding info on them. They seem to be a newer company, but I'm wondering if anyone has tried their products? I'm most interested in their brute bcaa, as it claims to have 150mg of epi/laxo and uses piperine for absorption...