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  1. TRT after done with first PH cycle?

    I was recently diagnosed with low T by my general DR. He recommends TRT but my insurance is making it quite difficult to do legit. So I plan to do injections myself with my DR doing the labs. So kinda official TRT kinda not. I just started an 8 week 3-AD cycle. My thought was to skip PCT and go...
  2. Start a PH before jumping on TRT?

    I've been diagnosed with low t as of the past week. 224ng. I've only played with natty anabolics. I'm currently waiting on insurance to approve my script (which they will). I've had a cycle worth of 3-AD on hand for while I never used. I was thinking if I started it now before my trt officially...
  3. USA 1+ open bottle new BMP *SOLD*

    EDIT: I have 1 open bottle with extra caps (about a week+ worth) from the bottle I didn't finish. $35 shipped get it.
  4. RCE Extract dosing

    I'm hoping I can get some good advice here. I've searched the forums and just can't seem to find the answer I am looking for. I have 4:1 extract arriving this week and want to know what the most effective dosage would be? I was going to with 4g a day split up between two doses. Primeval has...