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  1. daniel11

    Private Pro-Style Gym. Thoughts?

    My wife and I are considering opening a small/mid-size semi-private gym. Mainly the purpose would be for trainers to have a place to take clients. Serious fitness folks, power lifting, and competition prep as well as camps for local athletes to increase their numbers etc. It would NOT be...
  2. daniel11

    Allmax - I need help with my Razor 8 (vid)

    Ok i have been using Razor 8 for some time. I ordered 2 of the larger bottles of it. One watermelon the other key lime. Watermelon was fine. Key Lime has issues. I have been using it but its getting nearly impossible to scoop the stuff out. Its basically hard but not a dry solid, just...
  3. daniel11

    1-Carboxy and carbs ???

    I am wondering why we are not supposed to consume carbs within 60min of taking 1-carboxy??? What's the reason behind this?
  4. daniel11

    Eviscerate smolder - burn times?

    Ok so I have been using Evicerate Smolder on my abs. First thing on the morning while I am fasted. I train fasted also. Fast breaks at 1:30pm. I get little or no burn when I first apply it. Depending on my workout I get the burning sensation on my abs, usually if my workout includes...
  5. daniel11

    Clenbuterol 'pulsing' on Leangains/IF diet with Cal cycling EOD ???

    Would Clen be useful for rats on a Leangains/IF diet, where they cycle +20%/-20% Cal/day, if they only take Clen on the -20% Cal days? Since this would be essentially 'pulsing' Clen (as opposed to everyday) would my rats be able to keep using Clen for longer than 2 weeks?