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  1. What else compares to Alpha Yohimbine? (Looking for replacement)

    Hi everyone, Alpha Y is one of my favorite all around stims. Even around 2 mg it hits hard, doesn’t build much of a tolerance, and provides a good workout rush. Appetite suppression also a big plus. Any other stims out there that can replicate that feeling? Starting to notice chest pain and...
  2. Unanswered Yohimbine Heart Question?

    I've been taking pre's and fat burners with Yohimbe ingredients for about 4 years consistently, average of 3 times per week for Y-containing products. Started with Alphamine and Hydroxycut and have now cycled through most of what's available on the market. I love the feeling when I take it-...
  3. USA WTS- Off the Chain DMAA, Lipodrene DMAA

    2 unopened containers of Hi Tech Off The Chain w/ DMAA. Pink lemonade flavor. Also have a rocket pop flavor if anyone really prefers that. Asking $60 shipped , pls PM Also have opened bottles of Lipodrene Elite and Lipodrene Xtreme. Will entertainm reasonable offers for half the bottle
  4. 3-Pentanamine in Conqu3r EU Version

    Came across a deal on Olympus Conqu3r DMHA edition, looks like Euro-market version. Any idea what the 3-Pentanamine ingredient is? It’s tucked in on the label between Eria J and DMHA.
  5. USA WTB- Vein Nutrition Bloodshot

    Hello, Wanting to buy Vein Nutrition Bloodshot- the original. Some lucky early adopters received a second tub for free. Willing to consider partial used / open containers and will pay fair price. Looking to try. Please PM if any available.