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  1. Chops89

    Blotchy red rash from drinking alcohol

    Allergic reaction possibly? One shot of whiskey and my father's head and sinuses clog up like he's got the worst cold ever. No other liquor does this. I honestly wouldn't be worried about your liver or anything. It typically takes quite a bit more than getting drunk from time to time to cause...
  2. Chops89

    Fresh out of protein, looking to try something new. What do you suggest?

    Real protein. chicken and beef.
  3. Chops89

    Anyone else play with custom ROMs on their phone?

    Agreed. It would be nice to be able to overclock.
  4. Chops89

    Anyone else play with custom ROMs on their phone?

    Running Synergy on my Droid Incredible. Might be getting a new phone soon, but I'm not sure what I want.
  5. Chops89

    Funny Bodybuilding Pic on The Onion

    It's fake. The Onion is a satirical news website (it's all a joke).
  6. Chops89

    lyme disease

    My boss has Lyme. Aside from some fatigue, I believe she is fine. I'm also not sure how long after getting bitten that she was treated. You caught it so damn early that I doubt you'll have any problems. Some people go years before getting diagnosed (symptoms can mimic other illnesses), at which...
  7. Chops89

    Computer problem

    After you upgrade it should automatically check to see if all of your current addons are compatible with the new version. If not, I believe it checks for upgrades to the addon to make it compatible. So no, you shouldn't have to re-download everything.
  8. Chops89

    The End-All Fish Oil Dosage Thread

    I aim for 2.6 to 3 grams of EPA/DHA combined per day. I recall reading somewhere a long time ago about this amount being extremely beneficial for cognitive function (by increasing cell membrane permeability or something like that...). I really don't remember if it was an actual scientific study...
  9. Chops89

    How many of you watch the show "Dexter"

    I have a giant Dexter poster about 4 feet away from me on the wall of my dorm room :)
  10. Chops89

    Bad habits?

    - Drinking. - Being too hard on myself/expecting myself to be perfect (the basis of my anxiety/panic attack problems), though I am beginning to overcome this mostly thanks to awesome family and friends.
  11. Chops89

    How long does it take for a facial injury to heal?

    Give it at least a few more weeks. Back in July I fell off my BMX bike face first and had a nice flap of skin hanging off my upper lip just below my nose. Had a plastic surgeon stitch it up. There was lots of scar tissue and discoloration after the stitches and scab were gone. Within a couple...
  12. Chops89

    DAA Indefinitely

    I don't see suppression being a problem, as DAA stimulates release of testosterone rather than providing an exogenous source of testosterone. As for indefinite use, I'll let someone more knowledgeable answer that one.
  13. Chops89

    Jersey Shore

    I thought Ronnie was about to kill himself.
  14. Chops89

    Favorite Video Games of All Time

    Super Mario World
  15. Chops89

    5 htp

    5-htp increases serotonin, which could possibly help increase your "cardio" time. SSRI's (which affect serotonin) are often prescribed to treat premature ejaculation. L-Dopa will reduce prolactin and help with your rebound time between "cardio" sessions.
  16. Chops89

    Worst supplements ever tasted

  17. Chops89

    The Beer Aficionado

    Bump... So I just had a couple of these... Pretty good, IMO. It's actually brewed in a town that I used to live in (Frederick, MD).
  18. Chops89

    Geraldo Rivera changes mind on 911 Truth

    If the US government was powerful enough to pull this off, wouldn't it be able to pull these conspiracy videos off of youtube as well?
  19. Chops89

    Thoughts On Black Op's?

    I was addicted to MW2 until Reach came out (I've always been a big Halo fact I'm playing it right now). I'll probably get Black Ops within the next couple weeks...though I'm really anticipating MW3 which is apparently in development.
  20. Chops89

    Thoughts On Black Op's?

    I've been forcing myself not to buy it. I feel like I haven't gotten enough play out of Halo: Reach yet.