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  1. Cmseabee24

    Next cycle

    So I’m going to be running test at 500mg a week and DHB at 400mg a week looking for something else to stack in this was thinking about kick starting it with IM SD for 4 weeks and then lean out at the end of it with maybe 50mg of winny or 60mg of anavar. Wondering if possibly throwing in...
  2. Cmseabee24

    Unanswered Pins

    I completely forgot Illinois doesn’t allow pins to be shipped to adress so most companies won’t deliver? I never had to ship there here since I moved here until now. I was thinking amazon but would they still deliver?
  3. Cmseabee24

    Unanswered BP supplement

    What are the best supplement to help control blood pressure on cycle? Normally mine doesn’t get to high but I’m about to run SD and I know it’s going to be higher than what I’d like.
  4. Cmseabee24

    Unanswered Cycle ideas

    Looking to run a cycle in about 2 months I’m 29 I’ve ran 4 cycles all 16 weeks. I’ve tried just about every AAS besides primo and mast. I’m looking to gain quality lean mass. I was think test iso 250 16 weeks, SD 20mg a week 4 weeks, EQ 600 16 weeks, with tren e at 450mg a week for 12 weeks then...
  5. Cmseabee24

    Unanswered Next cycle

    Anyone got any input on this cycle. I’m 5’10 195 right now. I’m hopefully looking to put on about 20lbs and hoping to keep half of that. I’d like to be sitting at a solid 215 next year at some point. Test Isocaproate 500mg 1-16 Eq 600 mg 1-16 Tren E 225mg or Hex 150mg 3-12 SD 20mg 1-4 Anavar...
  6. Cmseabee24

    Unanswered Sarms

    I’ve never used SARMs just wondering if there is any point in running them? Can they accomplish results comparable to a similar anabolic would do for you?
  7. Cmseabee24

    Unanswered Phera

    What is the half life of phera? When should I be dosing it? Should it be split evenly throughout the day
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    My wife’s competing in an online competition go vote!
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    My wife’s competing in an online competition go vote!
  10. Cmseabee24

    Unanswered Joints

    Been running 100mg of winny for about 2 1/2 weeks and my joints are creeky as hell. Is there anything I can do to alleviate this issue. I’ve ran winny before at 50 usually and it never bothered me much. But at this point I’m wondering if this will hinder me more than help. Maybe I should back...
  11. Cmseabee24

    Unanswered Leg training

    What have some of you guys found best to add mass to your legs? Heavy sets low reps or high volume? What are key exercises? When I first started training I mainly focused on legs and had no problem putting on mass I was out of the gym for a few years but have been going steady the last six...
  12. Cmseabee24

    Unanswered Bloodwork

    I’ve been on trest and msten for about a week this coming Tuesday I have a pre employment physical for a federal job. Was wondering if they will be able to tell or if my bloodwork will come back all jacked up and bar me from getting the job? Just trying to get an idea if I’d be better off not...
  13. Cmseabee24

    Unanswered SD

    Anyone use SD from RN?
  14. Cmseabee24

    Harambe Blood

    Anyone looking for a great PWO I highly suggest trying harambe blood. Some of the cleanest sustained energy I have experienced. Also the focus i got was insane.
  15. Cmseabee24


    Order some TD trest ace I plan on ruining alongside msten. This is my first time using TD application how long do I need to let it dry? Also, this will be my first experience with trest but have read up quite a bit on it I plan on started out with 30mg to start before jumping to 60mg.