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  1. mixedup

    Performance based cycles

    Hello all. Just wondering if any of you guys use the juice for.something besides bodybuilding?
  2. mixedup

    Optimum dosage for yk-11 and gw 0732

    Just wanted some feedback on what people feel are the best dosages for these conpounds
  3. mixedup

    Is anybody else shutting down again

    I just read that my county is on the verge of shutting down at any time. Not sure what this means for stores or gym.... hopefully lock down wont be as strict as last time
  4. mixedup

    Anyone use the new gw 0742 yet.

    Just wondering if there is any comparison to 50156
  5. mixedup

    What was your 1st cycle

    Hey all just wondering what everyone's first cycle was. Mine was Deca Dbol and Test. This was back when a source was really.hard to come by and we didn't have any designers or rc companies On cycle estrogen was always tamoxifen and PCT was clomid. I believe my dosages were Test 500mg ew...
  6. mixedup

    What is gw 0742

    I saw this advertised as cardirine 2.0. Does it have any advantages to regular gw?
  7. mixedup

    Anybody take Gabapentin

    Hello I was prescribed some of these for my pain in my back. Anyone else use them and at what dosage
  8. mixedup

    Bout time to Hulk out

    @Renew1 @Whisky @BigT @Matthersby @Smont @Alchemist11 @AnabolicGuru. Feel free to tag anyone else guys I'm not to good at memorizing names. So as the title implies this will be a pure mass cycle. My background for those who dont know. I have over 20years experience in AAS. Alot of my cycle...
  9. mixedup

    Starting to get excited

    I'm about to do my first real bulk in approx 2 years. Our gyms opened last week. I'm doing Test. Deca,.Dbol &Anadrol Test 750mg wks 1-10 Deca 450mg wks 1-10 Dbol 25mg ed wks 1-5 Anadrol 50mg ed wks 1-5 Arimidex 2mg a week. I am a bit sensitive No pct I've been on trt for several years
  10. mixedup

    Who else is board

    So we have a 7 county wide in the bay area order to shelter at home no gyms no restaraunts only stores that have necessities cleaning wipe lysol spray etc are allowed to stay open and alot have cut there hours. There is nothing to do but stay in and try to keep busy. I'm alternating between...
  11. mixedup

    Favorite cycle

    So just wondering what people's favorite cycle or go to cycle is or was. My favorite cycle and one that is pretty unconventional is Test prop, Tren ace, Halotestin and Nolvadex Before and event I would have a 16 week training camp and I would run these in a 3 on 1 off week rotation. This was...
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    What is metformin used for?

    Seen a couple people carrying this but I dont know what it's used for
  13. mixedup

    Gw50156 and sleep

    Hey all just wondering if gw will have any effect on my sleep
  14. mixedup

    Vets How long do you usually run orals

    After years of running cycles and regular blood work I've found 6 weeks to be.a good length for myself without throwing my numbers out of wack. How often do you guys run usually.
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    Unanswered Where are the OG'S

    There is so much questioning around 1- T surely there are some others besides me who remember running this compound with out pain. There must be something in the solvents or carrier that is resulting in all this pain
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    Unanswered Dbol and anadrol

    Anybody else like this combo? They seem to work well together in my experience. Thinking of kickstarting my next bulk with these compounds
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    Unanswered Whats your idol body weight

    Since I'm about to go over my standard comfortable walk around weight I thought I'd see where other people at. Do you guys have a body weight and fat % that you are comfortable at
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    Unanswered Tired of feeling weak

    Basically I'm starting from scratch. I'm in a good place right now are my vitals ate strong just got a comphresive metabolic panel also tested prolactin and estrogen all in range. My diet is returning to good shape. I've added in 60g of cards and lowered carbs I've gained 9lbs sine.last Mon...
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    Unanswered Question in gyno surgery

    Hey all I was looking over my health charts and under health issues it said slight gyno. It's no terrible but if I can get insurance to pay I might get it done. Does anyone know what recovery time looks likes
  20. mixedup

    Unanswered Mast prop 6 weeks

    Has anyone ran Mast prop for a shorter length of time?. Is it long enough to get results. I've run mast alot in the past but never for short cycle.