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  1. Any word on the blood pressure formulation?

    Hey guys, any word on the blood pressure formula? Definitely something thats been holding me back lately. Looking to pick up some supplements for the job. Anything you'd recommend in the mean time?
  2. Sublingual noopept vs capped

    Does anyone know if there are any advantages to CTD sublingual noopept vs something like LGI N-Pept, which is the same dose but capsule based and from what I can see, cheaper. Is sublingual just faster acting or is there something else?
  3. Any chance of a 3 month Athletic Multi?

    I pretty much want run this year round. Probably the best multi I've seen in terms of being complete with a whole load of random ingredients or crazy anti-oxident blend. Any chance of a bigger bottle that lasts long to make it more economical to buy in bulk? Thanks guys!
  4. Performance Design returns to Nutraplanet?

    Any idea how much AndroGAINS is going to cost? Any more info? Hope this is just the beginning of the rebirth of your PH line! :)
  5. PH-17 vs 17 Pro Andro

    Andro Plantium series questions PH-17 vs 17 Pro Andro Will both of these co-exist considering how similar they are? If they will, what would be the main different to make one decide on one or the other? New line up looks cool guys. Can't wait to learn more! M1D Andro Will the these be...
  6. Any time line for AF Focus?

    Hey guys, Any timeline for AF Focus? It sounds like it might be similar to Androdrive, is it?
  7. RDe's, Oral hygiene and intimacy...

    Hey Guys, Been loving the RDe range. Couple of questions... 1) How soon after taking an RDe is it safe to wash teeth / use mouthwash etc? Don't want to kill any before i'd absorbed 2) How long should I wait before kissing etc? not sure the girlfriend would appreciate getting a dose of 1-andro...
  8. DecaSARM and DecaVol question for Royd :)

    In relation to DecaSARM, does it impart any of the same joint protection/lubrication as DecaVol? Does it get any of the other positive effects claimed in DecaVol, aside from the obvious muscle and mass gain? Also, with DecaVol, I found I start to notice a real difference in my workouts after...
  9. To those of you who got results from Ursobolic...

    Curious to know a few things. If you could let me know the dose (caps per day), with or without food (or close to a meal) and if the food and if with food, average macros (mostly curious about fat). I'm thinking about trying some and since it seems to be hit or miss. I'm curious if there is...
  10. Ursolic Acid bulk caps comes to the Planet... but any chance of a bulk powder?

    Ok, You've just spoilt us with double the 240 cap bottles for $19.99 ... For those who haven't seen! DAMN! :) NutraPlanet Ursolic Acid (240 capsules): Discount Ursolic Acid Supplements Curious if a bulk powder would be possible considering it would probably be cheaper and dosing seems to be...
  11. Any chance of a DecaSARM Box?

    Question in the title. Sounds like it would be cool to have a box with two decasarms and one arom-x to give a 6-8 week run and arom-x to finish up. Any plans like that? Think it would be pretty badass!
  12. Write up for the EU version of Maximize Intense?

    Just saw the new version has arrived in the UK. Any write up or details on Acacia Rigidula Extract (98%), Camellia Sinensis Extract (99%), and Orange Extract (30%)? Curious how it stacks up the the US version and what different effects these have.
  13. Best storage for liquid PH?

    Hey guys! Looking to stock up for future, I've noticed that my last bottle of 5aOHP is 08/13. Whats the best way to make them last longer?
  14. Is Ursolix from LG coming to NutraPlanet?

    Just checking/curious :)
  15. Best diet/supplements for normalizing cholesterol/liver function

    Just recovering from some anemia and my blood work has come back with elevated cholesterol and liver function. Feeling pretty crappy in general along with headaches from the anemia so looking for the best approach to diet to help out. Any ideas would be great!
  16. Chris Benoit Movie Announced, thoughts?

    Seems there's a film in the making to tell the story of his life. What I find interesting is this...' The film's writer, Sarah Coulter, said: "People immediately point to steroids, never thinking about the brain trauma these wrestlers can, and do, incur in their profession, nor do they consider...
  17. Myostatin Product News

    Saw a tease on your facebook and curious if there's anymore news :)
  18. 5aOHP dosing question

    Just started taking 5aOHP. The bottle says to dose 4-8 times, is this because of the half life or the absorption? If it's absorption, could you take 2 doses of 1ml half hour apart in the morning and two in the evening? Whats the max you should be taking at one time? My day tends to be hard to...
  19. 5aOHP or MMv3 or both hehe

    Figured would be interesting to get feedback here. Looking to do a recomp/cut while adding/maintaining strenght, especially losing some stubborn fat on my chest that no matter how lean I get everywhere else seems to stick around. Which order would you recommend using them in and for which...
  20. First stack feedback

    Up til now I've stuck with natty supplements, figured it was time to step it up. Just finishing off a cycle of anabeta and tropinol. This will be my first PH. I had mostly avoided them due to liver concerns and importing SERMs, but decided to bite the bullet and picked up 2 bottles of M1D Black...