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  1. celc5


    I'm 11 days into an Hdrol cycle. My goodness, I love this designer! Pumps are up, gym endurance is up, and I added a few reps to most lifts today. I think I'm a tad leaner and I've had a few unprovoked compliments. I know the time will come when my stash runs dry. And that will be almost as...
  2. celc5

    Furaza-A and TD Androsterone Log

    The goal for this mild feel good cycle is to make myself accountable with training intensity and diet consistency. I'm also testing the legitimacy of ancillaries and pct prior to digging deeper into my more aggressive stash. CEL Furuza A: 200mg NOS TD Androsterone: 75 mg Cycle Assist...
  3. celc5


    I dug into my stash to continue my summer cut and pulled out a bottle of OxyECA. I took 1 cap a few hours ago and this stuff is MELTING MY FACE OFF! I believe it's the original version, not the black (from doing a quick AM search). I just wanted to open discussion on this product, since I...
  4. celc5

    Artifact Assault

    If you even clicked on this thread and still play, I'm gonna assume u are a complete monster!
  5. celc5

    Various AI Sample Reviews- Thanks Stxnas!

    Perform I popped 4 caps Perform when I expected to get some bedroom action. I was thwarted by an "emergency" grocery shopping trip that ended up taking us (her!) about 90 minutes. FINALLY, about 2 hours after dosing, I got to the good stuff. I felt more easily aroused and a bit firmer, even...
  6. celc5

    Kleen Routine Q&A

    I have some humble questions for ya Kleen. I'm basing my questions on this quote from your log Let's start with some GENERAL questions: 1) Do you do cardio? If so, on what days, for how long, and at what intensity? 2) Give me a general idea what your ab philosophy is 3) With the 2-1-2 pace...
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    TAURUS NUTRITION -----------BETA PROGESTIN----------- Cycle Plans -4 servings Taurus Nutrition Beta Progestin per day -1 cap Formadrol per day *ancillaries to be added as needed PCT Plans -Undecided, various options readily available Diet 300 pro/ 300 carb/ 80 fat Workout -20 minutes...
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    NP Bulk DAA * D-Aspartic Acid

    I'm trying out NP's bulk DAA. I didn't research this at all, I just leafed through a few threads. I'm sick of researching supps and just want to have fun with this :laugh: ...not kidding, shop talk is encouraged but I doubt I'll personally be pulling any studies :study: My current supplement...
  9. celc5

    White Flood SALE

    I purchased White Flood for the first time based on a review/log written by Poison. The review was thorough, seemed pretty honest to me, and well organized. He also used complete sentences :laugh: ...maybe...
  10. celc5

    Epi / Halo : Maniac's Stack

    Summary and Final Review to added to Post #2 for easy reference Dosing Summary Hdrol 50/75/75/100 Epistane 30/30/40/50 Cycle Assist *Phenibut as needed to help with sleep quality *Myodrol added around week 4 to address prostate symptoms *Formestane was added around week 3 and 4 (it did not help...
  11. celc5

    Myodrol: New Test Booster From Axis

    This is the ingredient profile: This is the link to product description: This is open for intelligent discussion. No pimping yet, since no one has tried it yet... unless you picked it up at the Arnold :head: *Mods, if my link is against the...
  12. celc5

    Swap Tree

    Just wondering if anyone has ever used that site. It would be cool if I could find some feedback as to whether it's reliable or not. At face value, it looks to good to be true... so naturally, I'm skeptical.
  13. celc5

    Product Purchase: Request for very general legal advice

    A consumer purchases product A. Product B was considered, but not purchased because it was 25% more expensive. The products are very similar. Product was received by the consumer the next day for pickup. The consumer, assuming they received product A, was satisfied with the product. 2 weeks...
  14. celc5

    HDTV refresh rates

    I've done my homework and I've come to the conclusion that refresh rate is extremely important for the 2 things I want to do with my TV, watch sports and play video games. I've ruled out all 60hz LCDs because of blurring of the puck and when the camera moves quickly in football. I've ruled out...
  15. celc5

    Blood Pressure and German Volume Training

    I've been running GVT with very close to guidelines in the typical infamous GVT articles. I went to the doctor's yesterday for a routine exam and found that my systolic blood pressure dropped by EIGHTEEN points since starting GVT. I can't see anything other than the GVT training that has...
  16. celc5

    GVT Fueled By Axis Labs

    I started a variation of GVT today. My goals for this routine are to be as TIME EFFICIENT as possible in the gym, without looking flabby for the summer. I hope to maintain lean mass and would love to drop 1-2% bf over the next 6 weeks. The basic protocol I plan to follow per bodypart will...
  17. celc5

    Slingshot - Non Stim Pre Workout (Celc's first impressions)

    I downed my first Slingshot scoop today and was pleasantly surprised. The highlight ingredients of Slingshot in my opinion are BCAA, Tyrosine, Beta Alanine, Cit Mal, and Waxy Maize. It's meant to be used as a non-stim preworkout pick me up, workout focus, and endurance blend. Just as a...
  18. celc5

    Computer Help: Creating a "Release Folder" for a .dll

    Background: I reformatted my high tech Windows ME computer :D I tried to install my ME friendly version of Limewire which will not run because java wasn't functioning. An ME friendly version of Java will not complete installation since Windows Installer is not updated. So I downloaded an ME...
  19. celc5

    Promagnon Is Back!!! Introducing CEL PMag

    CEL's new Promagnon25 clone is my next endeavor. I plan to gain 6-10 pounds of lean mass with no change in bodyfat, or slight decrease in bodyfat. I'm always trying to recomp :head: Thanks to Competive Edge Labs and MW1 for allowing me to test their new product. Thanks to 17aMethyl and Hank...
  20. celc5

    IBE Formex - Oral Formestane MCPE

    I'm running IBE Formex. This product utilizes an enhanced delivery system for oral use. I am very familiar with transdermal formestane. Therefore, I plan to assess the effectiveness of IBE's new delivery system and compare it to my TD formestane experience. Thanks to Iron Lungz for...