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  1. Jayhawkk

    Back in the states for good an who is still around?

    3 years in Iraq and finally home and after a year of losing everything I earned I decided to hit the gym hard and come back here to see if I can help myself with progress but also wanted to see if anyone I knew was still around. This place is completely different than I was used to. Anyways...
  2. Jayhawkk


    How is everyone who still remembers me and what are all the new hot topics in supplements? Finally found a nice place in Iraq to do nothing but lift and eat and by god, I'm taking advantage of it!!!
  3. Jayhawkk

    So, some things have changed...

    I go away for a litle bit and the next thing you know, this site looks al cool and stuff!
  4. Jayhawkk

    7 years and going! Vet Roll Call!!!!

    In a few days I will have officially been here for 7 years. Although I was lurking here for a few months prior. Definitely shows the loyalty of the board to look around and still see many names all these years later! Where are my old school folk at?? :usa:
  5. Jayhawkk

    Sorry been a bit MIA

    After coming to Iraq it's taken a bit of time to adjust and get into the swing of things and having time for it. Sorry i've been a bit scarce lately and apologize but i'm here now :)
  6. Jayhawkk

    A very personal thanks to USPL

    I just received a package from Jacob that included enough PowerFull, Jack3d, and T-shirts to supply 5 guys as well as a bottle of Prime. This was above and beyond anything I expected and I wanted to give my sincere thanks. I've known USPL (Jacob and Mullet)7+ years and Borobulker for 5 and I...
  7. Jayhawkk

    Time for Iraq to get Jack3d!

    As some of you may or may not know i'm in Iraq and will be for about a year. Working out is a second job to most of the guys i'm here with. I'd like to order s nice supply of Jack3d and was showing off by saying I could get a good deal :P So... Do you ship to APO addresses and can I get a...
  8. Jayhawkk

    Don't mess with the bull or you'll get the horn!

    Julio Aparicio GORED IN THROAT During Bullfight (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)
  9. Jayhawkk

    Look what my baby got for me as an early Bday present!

    2009 Triumph Daytona 675! Picked her up yesterday with 3 miles on the odometer.
  10. Jayhawkk

    Perform FAQ

    Perform FAQ Q. What exactly is Perform? A. Perform is an all in one, sexual health supplement; improving on your sexual relationships from a lot of different directions. Q. Who would benefit from taking Perform? A. Anyone looking to take it to the next level in the bedroom. This isn’t...
  11. Jayhawkk

    Motivate™ FAQ

    Motivate™ FAQ Q. What exactly is Motivate™? A. Motivate is simply put, an energy supplement. But, its not just any energy supplement. This is long lasting, non-jittery, no crash energy. Q. Who would benefit from taking Motivate™? A. Anyone looking to raise energy levels through the day...
  12. Jayhawkk

    USP Labs Jack3d and Annabolic Innovation's Recover PRO

    I've decided to make a pre/during/post workout drink that I would start on prior to lifting and continue through the exercise until after i'm done. I'm simple and making three different drinks and 17 pills... I basically mix both of these supps in water (both lemonade flavors) and call it a...
  13. Jayhawkk

    Has anyone read "A Case for Faith"?

    If so, let me know what you think of it. I also have a few questions regarding some of the claims in the book i'm trying to resolve.
  14. Jayhawkk

    Little boy's big legacy teaches others how to live

    CHICAGO (AP) - The disarming smile of a 4-year-old boy with a buzz cut brightens an otherwise drab newspaper page, where whole lives are summed up in three inches of tiny newsprint. Danny Stanton's death notice first makes you wonder how he died. But the eight haunting, final words make you...
  15. Jayhawkk

    So my live-in girlfriend's older sister came home for Christmas...

    It was the first time meeting her because she’s currently a music teacher in Indonesia. I meet her for the first time at dinner and a discussion comes on about the health care bill. I state something along the lines of "I hope they pay close attention prior to the final passage". She says it...
  16. Jayhawkk

    I don't know what this is but I keep watching it.

    Insane Commercial Somehow Sells Backpacks - CollegeHumor video
  17. Jayhawkk

    So I ran across an obituary for SwoleCat

    Apparently he passed away at 37 about 4 months ago but nothing much else seems to be known... Searched threads here and didn't see any mention of it. A very late RIP.
  18. Jayhawkk

    CNN fact checks SNL

    CNNFactCheck: CNN butt of Twitter jokes for fact checking SNL skit CNN has become the butt of a running joke meme on Twitter for its lame fact-check criticism of the Saturday Night Live skit which lampooned President Obama for making too many promises that he has yet to keep. Twitter users are...
  19. Jayhawkk

    I found that Mullet has a side job as a Freestyle rapper...

    Who would of thunk it? Freestyle Rap Battle Translated - CollegeHumor video
  20. Jayhawkk

    Check these sites out if you have time to kill

    Lamebook texts from last night Should provide a little humor with those of us having to work this weekend :0