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  1. rob112

    Unanswered Is 11-oxo worth it...

    At 300-450mgs? I see decent prices on medfit-rx to run in that range for 40-60 days. I don’t want to waste my money though. Main goal is loss in BF%.
  2. rob112

    Unanswered Closest pre to

    Mega pre black but without norvaline. Love this pre but want to stay safe boys(and gals). Great pump and focus without too much stims to hinder a session. Thanks!
  3. rob112

    PLASMAJET Review Thread

    First I want to take the time to thank Gaspari for being so kind as to hook me up with this product to try out. The reason I chose this product to review is two fold; I have not tried it before, and I didn't quite know what to make of the formula. What I mean is the formula is very unique which...
  4. rob112

    What? Aw hell no, hold up, huh? ohh okay!

    Back squat belt less 275 x 5 275 x 4 275 x 4 275 x 4 SSB front squat belt less Bar(90) x 5 140 x 5 180 x 5 200 x 5 230 x 3 250 x 2 Bicep started to cramp a little Belt squat holds/March. Standing on many mats. 2 plates for about a minute 2 plates plus...
  5. rob112

    Momentary pain when ascending on squat/deadlift

    I've had this on and off since around last June, sometimes it doesn't effect me at all, and sometimes it does. I first thought it was hamstring, then groin, and now glute. It is hard to tell. It litterally happens very fast and only when I start an ascent. Just curious if anyone here has had...
  6. rob112

    New avengers trailor Bad ass
  7. rob112

    Short term success hindering long term success? Just thought this was interesting. It's a short read.
  8. rob112

    To Lat or not to Lat...something something

    I've noticed something today in powerlifters and their programming. You have two sides really: A. American based powerlifting that involves working the lats constantly. The reason being is although not a primary mover, it is important to all lifts. I think we all know the reasons so I won't go...
  9. rob112

    Dont know if any of you seen this on Dr. Oz...

    Sorry if repost. Thought it was pretty crazy that congress got involved.
  10. rob112

    Article shows Muscle Pharm shenanigans, also... Just thought this was interesting. We all know of two of the culprits, but I always thought MP was a clean company. Granted they prop blend like champs :D
  11. rob112

    Deadlifting belts...

    What do you guys think about them? I never use my 2 prong belt to deadlift bc it painfully digs into my sides. I came across the spudd deadlift belt and thought it may be a good idea. If anyone has used them any idea if they are commotion legal? Edit: strictly talking about conventional as I...
  12. rob112

    Best supplement type for bulk bloat?

    GDA Enzymes Probiotic Other? Just curious as to some of your opinions. I'm eating a lot bulking and man I feel bloated and let's get down to brass tacks, gassy. What has helped you guys the most. I'm leaning toward one of the first two as I eat a lot of choboni yogurts.
  13. rob112

    Interesting read(rebuttal to west of westside) A direct answer to dan greens article I really enjoyed Dan Green's article at JTS and today I came across this. Thought I'd share.
  14. rob112

    Rob112^3...That means cubed guys. See what I did?

    Decided to start a log on here. I am just starting the cube and I have only been training for powerlifting for less than a year so all help, info, form critiques, etc, are very welcome. Today was my first day in the gym in two weeks so I was a little tight and I didn't quite do everything 100%...
  15. rob112

    First Meet

    Federation: WNPF Division: 198s/Novice/Raw(no knee wraps) Total: 935 Summary: As you can tell I am not very strong. There were at least 50 lifters here. The meet went relatively fast. I won first place in the 198s novice raw division(probably only a handful in this division). As you will be...
  16. rob112

    2 Bench questions

    Bench is and has always been my hardest lift to add weight in. Ive recently moved up in squats and deads but nothing in benches. My weaknesses are at the bottom of the movement and dropping it to my chest faster. I figure I will do some speed work but: What are some good things to add to a...
  17. rob112

    Resistance bands solo

    Got a little extra money and was thinking of adding some resistance bands to the gym bag. My only concern is I workout solo. You guys think it would be safe to set up and do say squats and bench solo with bands? My concern since I haven't used them is honestly unracking and getting into...
  18. rob112

    Good books and trusted websites to learn.

    A few of you guys have helped tremendously and I am learning new things since reading this forum. I understand that most of you vets here also get paid for your service so don't give out all detail, understandably so. I am unfortunately not it the position to pay for these services at this time...
  19. rob112

    Does Nutra Planet NA-RALA come with a scoop?

    Title. I've bought caps, but this is such a better deal. Just don't have a mg scale.
  20. rob112

    Launch4350 and formula switch?

    I have two tubs of launch in front of me witht the same experation date, and same lot number. They both have the same exact mg per serving(4350 of course). The formula is the same up until the last ingredient of Geranium Oil Extract. One has it, one doesn't. I found this to be a little weird...