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  1. TexasLifter89

    Home gym? Post your pics!

    Have been away due to job relocation and birth of a child, but we are back in action! I am in the process of building a garage gym... so far we are up to a power rack, 600 lbs, two barbells, adjustable bench, and resistant bands. Will post pics as I get it built
  2. TexasLifter89

    New gym dads: how did your gym schedule change with a new born?

    I am trying to figure out if my only major change will be sleepless nights. I typically hit the gym at 5-6a
  3. TexasLifter89

    Ksm66, Orange Triad, and what else?

    Currently my staple general health supplements are ksm66, Orange triad, fish oil. Are any of you incorporating other anti oxidants on top of ksm66? What other kind of staples are you running with it? Not really looking for natty anabolics or that type of stuff, more general health.
  4. TexasLifter89

    USAPL meets vs records?

    Hey guys, Curious to know, how to your individual meets typically go weight wise compared to the records in your local area? For example, I look and see that theirs a record for my competition weight class at like 600 lbs deadlift, but it looks like the local meets are only hitting low 400's...
  5. TexasLifter89

    Superdrol is here. Who wants to put up or shut up? LOGGING OPP TIME

    Our new Superdrol has caused quite the stir, so we've decided to let it do the talking. Are You In? The Description SUPERDROL®, short for “Super Anadrol”, is a prohormone supplement that is designed to help athletes reduce excess bodyfat while helping build lean muscle mass. This performance...
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    Poor mobile image upload experience

    Hey admin, Trying to upload images on mobile and the submit button is nowhere to be found. I select the photo off my phone and see it but no submit button to upload my attachment. Tried vertical and horizontal
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    GAINNSSS TIMEEEE - LG Sciences Bulk Kit W/ Cyclosome Delivery!

    Hey guys, I am absolutely stoked to start logging this awesome series of products! LG Sciences Bulk Kit with the new Cyclosome Delivery It consists of: 1-Andro - 2 tabs per day - (1 breakfast / 1 dinner) 4-Andro - 2 tabs per day - (1 breakfast / 1 lunch) M1D Andro - 3 tabs per day (1 at...
  8. TexasLifter89

    PCT With Get Diesel E2-X and Raw Test

    Hey guys and gals, I am starting a 100% OTC PCT for Iron Mag Labs Super DMZ 4. I will be utilizing Get Diesel E2-X and Get Diesel Raw Test for this PCT, and should anything go wrong I am prepared. I will likely be getting bloodwork done post-PCT to make sure that I am around where I should be...
  9. TexasLifter89

    WTB/WTTF USP Labs Prime

  10. TexasLifter89

    What's your monthly bulling and cutting budget?

    What's your monthly bulking and cutting budget? What's your monthly food budget when bulking and cutting? Do you care about hormones in your meat?
  11. TexasLifter89

    WTB/WTT For BLR Rebirth & Olympus Super PCT

    WTB/WTT For BLR Rebirth WTB/WTT For BLR Rebirth
  12. TexasLifter89

    Tex's IronMagLabs Super DMZ RX 4.0 Log

    Hey guys, thanks to IML and heavyiron for the opportunity to log 1 bottle of this. Super DMZ RX 4.0 Ingredients 60 Capsules Serving size: 1 capsule 3b-hydroxy-androst-4-en-17-one (4-Andro) - 100mg 3-hydroxy-5a-androst-1-en-17-one (1-Andro) - 50mg 3b-hydroxy-5a-androstan-17-one (Epi-Andro) -...
  13. TexasLifter89

    WTB Mark Bell's Slingshot Original

    Hey guys, Looking to buy a used original Slingshot. Open to trading some supplements for it if you'd prefer that.
  14. TexasLifter89

    Controlled Labs White Pump (1 Serving Sample) Review

    Hey guys, I used CL White Pump today and just wanted to provide some feedback for you. I'm not a big stim guy (ex: Stick to 1 scoop of C4 and I am fine). Taste - I had the white pineapple flavor and it was very easy to drink. Tasted like a sweet pineapple flavor sucker or tropical livesaver...
  15. TexasLifter89

    Purple Wraath or Amino IV

    I've been using both of these for awhile now and am completely out, looking to just stock up on a single one of them and having trouble deciding which one to use. Finished a bottle of Amino IV Cherry Limeade and Purple Wraath Grape. I use these because I've found these mixed with some simple...
  16. TexasLifter89

    MindAndMuscle – Liquid Labs Prohormone Transformation Loggers Wanted

    Hey guys, We’re looking for 3 sponsored loggers to publicly log their transformations using our Liquid Labs line. These are some of the best prohormones on the market currently, and we’re very proud of this lineup. Up for grabs if your choice of: Liquid Labs Basic Mass Stack Liquid Labs Te –...
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    When You Walk Into An Empty Gym...
  18. TexasLifter89

    What Happened To Nimbus Nutrition?

    Their site redirects and FB page looks dead... are they out of business now? Used to love some of their stuff.
  19. TexasLifter89

    intra workout ingredients that are worth your time?

    Do you prefer bulk beta alanine and a simple carb or have a staple intra workout? I typically just sip on these two things during my workouts. Not a big believer in bcaa'a though. What ingredients have you found to be worth their weight? Do you do a home brew or buy a packaged intra workout?
  20. TexasLifter89

    Favorite Mens Gym Pants During Training?

    I am a guy who prefers pants when working out, even on leg day. Curious to hear what pants other people use and love during their workouts? I don't like skin tight stuff, but just athletic pants.