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  1. Topic of the Week: The Single Best Supplement You've Taken

    Unconfirmed...but mostly confirmed, Dbol.
  2. Topic of the Week: The Single Best Supplement You've Taken

    Brings back ALOT of memories....I personally liked Adipokinetix, prob. the best fat burner I used..."legally"...along with OL's OG Ignit3. Derek Cornellius was very innovative back in the day. Those beautiful little blue footballs ha ha....pretty sure we all know what they were. Guy at the...
  3. USA WTB: Cheap Pre's no longer using

    Looking for more Pre's not being used, etc. Lmk before I have to buy new.
  4. Conquer Unleashed discontinued?

    As big of a stim head as I am...Re1gn, no bueno...couldn't even take 3/4 of a scoop, felt so f'ed up from that Y extract I couldn't even contemplate lifting, I just wanted to survive the horror it made me feel for hours.
  5. Conquer Unleashed discontinued?

    There was stuff that tasted like sh*t but drinkable...and there was Cotton Candy CU. I'll never get that taste of "wheatgrass" out of my mind...and I can stomach a lot of nasty sh*t, this stuff, no bueno
  6. Topic of the Week: The Single Best Supplement You've Taken one will remember
  7. Conquer Unleashed discontinued?

    Still have 1 bottle of OG CU Lemon Rox...actually tasted great, that Cotton Candy flavor though was the all time worst I've tried, horrific.
  8. USA Looking for OG mesomorph

    Sent you a message
  9. USA Looking for OG mesomorph

    Few years ago I sold my last OG Dust Extreme...I put it on Fleabay for $95 thinking no one would buy it...didn't last 1hr. I see stuff on there now anywhere between $150-300 for pre's. There was even a bottle of OG Gaspari Detonate for $700. I'm down to my last bottles of everything....I...
  10. USA Looking for OG mesomorph

    There were so many versions of Mesomorph actually finding the "OG" would be hard, you need to know what to look for...anything Jared had his hands on was either an extremely weak version of DMAA or not DMAA at all. None of their pre's gave the effects that people experienced with the...
  11. Good Seller/ Bad Seller Feedback

    @Afi140 great seller, exactly as shipping. Would not hesitate to do business with again. Thanks.
  12. USA WTB: Cheap Pre's no longer using

    Don't want to touch my stash of extinct Pre's...worth more than toilet paper lol. Looking for pre's just sitting there collecting dust, not using, 1/4 1/2 3/4 full, etc. Just lmk.
  13. USA **SOLD**OL Sup3r-11

    1 bottle expired 6/19, never opened stored in controlled climate. $70 shipped
  14. USA Primaforce 1,3 caps

    $25 shipped...can have it out today
  15. USA **SOLD**LGI Boosted AMPlified Energy

    $25 shipped....can have it out today
  16. USA **SOLD**Mile High Kratom 8oz Red Vein Thai

  17. USA **SOLD**LGI Boosted AMPlified Energy

  18. USA Primaforce 1,3 caps

    Expired since '14, sealed & stored in a climate controlled environment. 200 caps/20mg cap. $30 shipped.
  19. USA **SOLD**Mile High Kratom 8oz Red Vein Thai

    $20 shipped for 8oz or it goes in the trash
  20. USA **SOLD**LGI Boosted AMPlified Energy

    SOLD....still have 1 bottle left.