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  1. Massachusetts doctors.

    I have a pretty serious problem that i would like to address sometime in the near future. First off let me start by saying i have had serveral problems throughout young adulthood that made me question "what was wrong with me". Namely getting sick a lot, sometimes moody and such problems...
  2. i have a problem and need suggestions/help

    i am a big fan of weighted chin ups for bicep workouts. The problem is that my gym used to have a belt for this and now someone broke it, or something, bottom line is the belt is missing. Would be doing a chin up type workout on the lat pulldown machine work as well or should i realistically...

    I just saw the most badass shirt i have ever seen in my entire life... Animal i need you to tell me where to get it i wanna buy like 5 of them. Its your shirt and it says ""Shut the **** up and train".. U guys have the BEST gear
  4. Advice!!!

    If there was any advice you would give someone younger about bodybuilding or just life in general.. what would it be?
  5. M-stack

    Ok so it says to use for 21 days then take some time off. Is it possible to take it for a 6 week period rather than just a 3 week? Would there be any benefit to this? What should I take with M-stack to try and maximize my gains? I have used m-stack before but just thought I would ask the...