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  1. Ziricote

    Getting back into the gym/Cutting and fibre advice request

    Hi all, it's been a while since I was on here, but I'll try to get straight to the point. Currently I weigh ~200lb, but I'm between 20-25% bodyfat! My aim right now is to recomp down to ~175lb and ~32-34" waist. I've tried to lose some weight through cutting out most carbs from my diet while...
  2. Ziricote

    Returning to the gym and need advice

    Been a while since I was around these parts (or regularly at the gym) so I'm fairly clueless as to what new supplements/anabolics are currently around so I'm mainly interested in advice regarding that. I'd also appreciate any help with my diet and with my workout routine. My current weight...
  3. Ziricote

    Focus XT

    So I decided to include this with my current stack because it had been sitting in my supplement cupboard for a few weeks and all I have to say is I wish I had started using this the day it arrived. As far as stims go I have very little experience so I won't compare but, I really love this. I...
  4. Ziricote

    Soy/Milk Protein Supplementation and IGF-1 Stimulation

    Soy protein supplementation increases serum insulin-like growth factor-I in young and old men but does not affect markers of bone metabolism. Summary from Pubmed -...
  5. Ziricote

    4000th Post ZiriLOG

    Log Protocol This will not be a 'day in, day out' log ; Updates will be given at the end of the week. I feel this will give a fuller view of how my diet, workout routine and supplementation contributes to my goals and will stop the feeling of repetition. All before/after measurements and...
  6. Ziricote

    Ziri Does PowerFULL-Cialabol-Cissus RX-cAMPH

    Since finishing my 6 month Accutane treatment I've been on a rebound of sorts : losing bodyfat, regaining some size and perhaps most importantly regaining a somewhat positive mindset. Now I'm ready to get back to the gym and to start putting on mass. This log is all about gaining, if I happen...
  7. Ziricote

    Critique My Bulk Diet

    Okay so I'm now at around [email protected]%bf and have decided that it now is the time to get back to consistant diet. In the past I've seen the best results (minimal fat gain) from a 4000kcal 35P/35C/30F macro diet and so I'll be using the same macros, alternating calorie intake for ON and OFF days...
  8. Ziricote

    Super Dosing cAMPH?

    Would it be worth it? I'm currently dosing Cissus and PowerFULL at 11 caps/day and want some fat loss to make a more complete recomp stack, would it be beneficial dosing 8-10 caps or would 10 be too much? I'd be taking it first thing in the morning, before lunch/workout and before bed.
  9. Ziricote

    Help me help myself

    Okay, basically I feel like my knowledge of the body is pretty average at best and my knowledge of supplements/chemicals is even worse. I want to learn exactly what processes my body goes through and what happens when supplements/chemicals are introduced so what I'm wondering is are there any...
  10. Ziricote

    Proof At Last:Why Car Drivers Fail To See Bikes

    Sourced from Motorcycle News 21/06/2006, Written by Tom Rayner THE PROOF THAT CAR DRIVERS DON'T SEE BIKES MCN has teamed up with leading UK scientists in a world-first investigation to finally prove that car drivers can't see bikers. Professor Geoff Underwood from Nottingham University has...
  11. Ziricote

    Roaccutane/Accutane and Supplements?

    I noticed the other day that there are a few guys here who have been on accutane for their acne but the thing I'm wondering is what supplements are okay to use with it? Specifically, are sups like Cissus, PowerFULL and creatine safe to be taking? I can see creatine being a potential no-no but...
  12. Ziricote

    Oats+Whey = Post-workout only?

    I've been thinking of ways to get around my lack of money for (enough) food lately and so I'm considering the home-made meal replacement route as it's cheap, quick and easily tailored around my calorie needs (plus I have an assload of whey that needs used up). The problem being in the past I...
  13. Ziricote

    USP Labs PF/C R-X/cAMPH/c2 review

    I did this stack (no other sups) for 26 days earlier this year and just thought I'd share the review I did of it then with some added hindsight. Dosing was - Diet and training was a bit touch and go but in general I ate a clean 4000kcal/day-35C/35P/30F. Here's the initial review. One week...