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  1. USA WTB: Cheap Pre's no longer using

    Don't want to touch my stash of extinct Pre's...worth more than toilet paper lol. Looking for pre's just sitting there collecting dust, not using, 1/4 1/2 3/4 full, etc. Just lmk.
  2. USA **SOLD**OL Sup3r-11

    1 bottle expired 6/19, never opened stored in controlled climate. $70 shipped
  3. USA Primaforce 1,3 caps

    Expired since '14, sealed & stored in a climate controlled environment. 200 caps/20mg cap. $30 shipped.
  4. USA **SOLD**LGI Boosted AMPlified Energy

    Has DMBA, not made anymore. $35 shipped.
  5. USA **SOLD**Mile High Kratom 8oz Red Vein Thai

    Not going to use this. Kept in dry/cool location. Will trade for strong Pre's, Hyde Power Potion or sell outright. Just make a reasonable offer.
  6. USA EPG Ostalean 2 bottles

    Not sure if there still is a market for capped products with a million research companies offering liquid forms now...personally...I think caps from a legit company work a hell of a lot better (I've used this brand). Anyway...have 2, if not sold soon, I'll just use them that's how much I like...

    Looking for some of the OG OL IGNIT3. LMK what you have. Thanks.
  8. USA FS: 4 tubs of Bloodshot pre...yes the real deal

    Apocolypse for now, is on hold. Prb will not go through all 4. This is, to me, is the best DMAA pre or the king. We all know the story behind it. Don't have to buy all 4. Extremely rare these come up.
  9. USA WTB: TUDCA....could be 1/2 bottle don't care

    Could use some TUDCA if you have any, half bottle, whatever. Just lmk. Thanks.
  10. USA WTS: OL TransDermal Sup3r DHEA - Any Interest

    Have 3 pump bottles....$40 a bottle or $95 for all 3. Plenty of trades here with other members
  11. USA WTB: Vicious Labs stuff (good stuff)

    Pretty self explanatory. LMK what you have.
  12. Anyone receive their Suppremacy order from Black Friday?

    Ordered 11/23 still says "Awaiting Fulfillment"...c'mon guys people ordered a lot I get it, can't be this backed up. Ordered 1 bottle of Glycoshield, nothing else. Anyone else having issues with Suppremacy?
  13. Big deal about Test Base???

    First time shooting in the Pec, 1cc=50mg...didn't feel really anything 1hr later. Shot today same amount, see if it's different. Just me or is this stuff kinda overated?….reviews I've read "Oh man what a fuking rush", didn't feel much of pre provided more of a rush. Yes it's...
  14. USA OL Tr3st (2 bottles)

    OL Tr3st (2 bottles)**SOLD** Pretty self explanatory I have 2 bottles of Tr3st I was saving for a rainy day but whatever. No, I'm not selling each for $50, I'd sell them for what Predator would sell them for + a little since it's OOS everywhere and might not be produced again. $80 a...
  15. USA WTB: OL IGNIT3 sample packs

    I'm sure a bunch of you have some laying around. Looking for around 10-20 sample packs unless you have a great deal on 1 bottle. Just lmk.
  16. USA FS: Mile High Kratom...Red Vein 8oz

    Never opened, looking for trades or outright sale. 8oz pouch with scoop. Looking for the usual, banned pre's, good intra's, exotic stuff. LMK, been here long time. Never a bad trade/sale.
  17. USA Want OG Dust Extreme

    Want OG Dust Extreme before cucks Hi Tech got a hold of it. OG has Noopept and DMMA.
  18. Putting VasoMax to the test tomorrow

    I'll be honest...I'm quite excited to try this. Bi's/forearms tomorrow morning. Protocol will be 2 scoops VasoMax (I don't believe in moderation) and 1 cap Hydrazine for stims...that's it, no additives I.e. Citrulline, etc...straight VasoMax. Carbs...5 pieces of candy jelly slices right...
  19. USA FS: Apple Ipad 32g, Impact Igniter, Radiate, Endur3 & rare pre's

    No trades...I have too much stuff, enough for 4 people after Armegeddon. All sealed. Ipad 32g Grey 2017 model still in box/shrink wrap, never opened (NOT Ipad Pro) - $250 shippedSOLD Impact Igniter, Radiate (Sour Peach Rings) SOLD , Endur3 (Unicorn Blood) - $25 shipped each Rare...
  20. Anything for Black Friday guys?

    Any deals for Black Friday?