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  1. christ83189

    Transgender Bodybuilding!

    Thank you for that. You're right. That wasnt a good comparison to make. That was months ago so i had forgotten all about it til you quoted me lol.
  2. christ83189

    Transgender Bodybuilding!

    You believe what you want. Ill believe what i want. Im too busy to argue my beliefs with someone i dont know or will probably ever meet who is making out of hand comparisons. You can call my character into question because the people who matter to me know my character and those who dont dont...
  3. christ83189

    Transgender Bodybuilding!

    Wow dude assume much? You dont know anything about me. You can talk to anyone on here ive had dealings with about my character. Ive been around a minute. Just because im from north idaho doesnt mean anything. I find it crazy that i talk about my beliefs about this and get attacked. I was raised...
  4. christ83189

    Transgender Bodybuilding!

    I dont have time to sit here and debate this with you though. You can respond if you want. I might respond again. Might not.
  5. christ83189

    Transgender Bodybuilding!

    I didnt say they were in the same category. I clearly said pedophiles were on a completely different level. All i am saying is that its not natural for someone to someone to be homosexual. Ive got no problem with them at all. But being born with a preference to have sex with the same sex is not...
  6. christ83189

    Transgender Bodybuilding!

    Totally aware of the differences thanks. There is also similarities though.
  7. christ83189

    DC's New Year, New Life 2019

    Im in. Better get jacked AF this year DC. Looking forward to it
  8. christ83189

    Start of New Cycle

    I disagree... Bench numbers are everything! Just kidding lol
  9. christ83189

    Starr Rehab Program

    Never heard of it. You injure yourself?
  10. christ83189

    Tygas home log for powerlifting and stuff

    Youre not alone lol. Had a good breakfast but it was all downhill from there
  11. christ83189

    2018 NFL Draft & Season Chat Thread

    Dang Seattle vs KC was an awesome game. Got a little stressful for me though as it was getting close to the end lol
  12. christ83189

    favorite artists to listen to while lifting

    Theyve been saying theyre going to release their new album this year for the last few years lol i think maynard just wants to fck with everyone. If they do release it though im jumping on it. Ill even pay for the cd lol i listened to the entire tool tracklist last tuesday at work. No matter how...
  13. christ83189

    Christ83189 back in it

    Lol yeah that'll work
  14. christ83189

    Christ83189 back in it

    The fruits of my labor are starting to show
  15. christ83189

    Jim's Powerlifting Training

    Flooring sucks lol
  16. christ83189

    No New Year Resolution challenge! Procrastination = Masturbation don't screw yourself

    Ive always wanted to ask you approximately how much time you spend setting your phone up and taking selfies at the gym every day lol
  17. christ83189

    focus compound?

    Idk man you have all this stuff to say about the differences of all of these stimulants, which is true all of it im sure. But when it comes to my experience it all feels the same to me. Coke feels pretty much the same except it wears off after 5 minutes (stupid) adderal feels like meth to me...
  18. christ83189

    favorite artists to listen to while lifting

    You got to be fcking kidding me... Parkway drive coming through again and once again nowhere near me! Damn it. Im usually in a good place for concerts. Most bands will hit spokane, washington. That sucks
  19. christ83189

    Kat and Puccah's Strong is the new sexy log

    Thats the thing. My wife makes it the way she makes it and thats fine. Its good. Its just not enough. And i wont be bothered to make soup if i want to eat lol thats just me.
  20. christ83189

    Swim's cut

    Yeah me too thats why ive mainly steered clear of them for the most part. I seen how bad my brother was hooked on it and didnt want that even though i was hooked pretty bad myself too