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  1. aaronuconn

    aaronuconn presents: the quarantine training log

    I’ve never ran a training log on AM, and since we’re stuck in quarantine currently, I figured now would be a good time. My goal currently is to just keep progressing on lifts. More focused on size then strength, but they’re correlated so why not bring both up. My workouts are more...
  2. aaronuconn

    Unanswered Peri-Workout Carbs - Are We Overthinking This?

    For those that utilize carbs pre/intraworkout, do you think we’re overthinking or spending too much on “designer” carbs (ie, HBCD, Karbolyn, etc)? I train first thing in the morning, and over the last few months, I’ve been utilizing a carbohydrate powder typically split between pre and intra...
  3. aaronuconn

    Unanswered What’s Your Favorite Probiotic Strain

    A lot of us take mixed strain probiotics daily for a variety of reasons. I’m curious to hear if anyone has researched/complied singular strains that may be better suited for individual purposes than commercially available multi-strain products. One I came across that seems interesting: B...
  4. aaronuconn

    What's In Your 5α-Hydroxy Laxogenin?

    Interested to hear the community's thoughts on the below.
  5. aaronuconn

    Kaged Muscle Ferodrox - Underrated Lean Body Mass Accrual Agent

    Instead of a single ingredient write-up, I wanted to bring some shine to an underrated product - Ferodrox. Previous Single Ingredient Write-Ups: Agmatine: Curcumin...
  6. aaronuconn

    Epicatechin Supplementation Inhibits Aerobic Adaptations to Cycling - Human Study

    Interesting human study done on (–)-Epicatechin. It would be nice to see this done on anaerobic exercise in healthy humans as well. Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine if cycling exercise combined with (–)-epicatechin supplementation was more effective at increasing training...
  7. aaronuconn

    Yohimbe and its Alkaloids Should be Banned: An Unpopular, Quick Think Piece

    Let me start off this post with my personal thoughts. In a perfect world, what supplement companies place on a label is what is contained in the product, thus mitigating the need for any regulatory involvement. As seen below, this isn’t 100%. Therefore, I believe it is in consumers best...
  8. aaronuconn

    Eurycoma Longifolia – Why LJ100® is Worth the Cost

    Eurycoma Longifolia – Why LJ100® is Worth the Cost Gather ‘round yall, time to learn why LJ100® should be part of your supplement arsenal - ya know, if you think an herb with 13 clinical studies showing effects such as increasing testosterone, reducing cortisol, enhancing sexual function...
  9. aaronuconn

    Emblica Officinalis - Capros®

    Emblica Officinalis - Capros® I saw that Scivation is going to feature Capros®, an extract of Emblica officinalis licensed by Natreon, in there new pre-workout, Quake 10.0. Having little to no experience with the ingredient, I wanted to do a bit of research and see what potential Emblica...
  10. aaronuconn

    Curcumin – The Real Holy Grail of the Supplement Industry

    Curcumin – The Real Holy Grail of the Supplement Industry We often hear supplements be referred to as, “The Holy Grail” of the industry. We’ve seen many ingredients come in with a bang but can’t last the test of time. First isolated in 1815 and chemically mapped in 1910, Curcumin may be the...
  11. aaronuconn

    Agmatine – More than a Pump Supplement

    Agmatine – More than a Pump Supplement Agmatine is a metabolite of L-Arginine that is derived via decarboxylation, which is essentially the removal of a carboxyl group. This neurotransmitter has become immensely popular in the sports supplement world as an ingredient included in...
  12. aaronuconn

    Bacopa Monnieri

    Bacopa Monnieri Hi AM crowd. I've been quite absent for awhile, but I wanted to share some write-ups I've done that highlight some of my favorite ingredients. What it Bacopa? Bacopa is an adaptogen that is commonly used in Ayurveda. It has the potential to act as a cognitive aid...
  13. aaronuconn

    SNS Brings You Growth Factor XT!

    Growth Factor XT is an exciting, revolutionary all-natural anti-aging product that can help you make the most of your workouts while helping minimize the fatigue of everyday life. Ask yourself a few questions:- Are you stuck in a rut?- Are you lacking motivation to train?- Find yourself not...
  14. aaronuconn

    SNS Holiday GlycoPhase Giveaway!

    SNS is in the giving mood this holiday season and wants to offer someone the opportunity to review a bottle of GlycoPhase! GlycoPhase Highlights: Help Get Leaner Without Stimulant Based Fat Loss Products! Help Improve Muscle Fullness, Vascularity, and Long Lasting Pumps! Help...
  15. aaronuconn

    Favorite Pre-Bed GDA

    What are some of your guys' favorite pre-bed GDA's? Obviously seeking the deeper sleep and leanness upon waking. I'm sure insulin sensitivity is fairly optimized upon waking as well. Real interested in GlycoPhase (not to just be used pre-bed), but looking for some anecdotal feedback if any is...
  16. aaronuconn

    Reformulated Shift

    PES reps, When is the profile for the reformulated Shift going to be available? Unless of course I missed it. :p Have any hints been dropped also? I'd like to see Oleuropein + Forskolin, but I'm sure the brighter minds at PES have something better than that for Thyroid enhancement.
  17. aaronuconn

    NutraPlanet's Na-R-ALA Powder (25g)

    Just wanted to confirm that the scoop that comes with this bulk powder holds 150mg of Na-R-ALA. Thanks!