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  1. christ83189

    Need some help from the ladies on here please!

    So my wife recently had our latest and last baby and is recovered from surgery getting her tubes tied and is starting to work out again. Shes got plenty of weightlifting experience and did crossfit for quite a while. The only thing is she has always done preplanned and written out work outs and...
  2. christ83189

    Christ83189 runs VASOBLITZ by BUILD FAST FORMULA

    So i was given the oppurtunity to test out VASOBLITZ by BUILD FAST FORMULA for 30 days. Took my first dose yesterday before going to the gym and did some bench and accessories. The flavor (watermelon) is amazing. Really excited about what this product can do, being as i was told before i got...
  3. christ83189

    Christ83189 runs some S4 and ACP-105 testing

    Alright guys i got me some S4 and some ACP-105 that im gonna be testing out with my test subject. Probably gonna go 10-12 weeks of tests ran and hopefully gonna come up with lots of info and see how these things work. So ive never tested either one of these on my subject. I was able to dig up...
  4. christ83189


    Anyone on here have a good dosing protocol for ACP-105? All i could come up with in my searches was start at 15mg a day and up it by 10mg a week if it treats me well. If no one has anything than ill just do that and see how it goes
  5. christ83189

    Pwo ingredients-amphetamines question

    So i just recently failed a drug test showing positive for amphetamines. The only thing i recently started taking was new preworkout. I bought a tub of shield supps gym candy, won a free tub of CL white flash, and had a bunch of different samples of pwo's that i tried so i have no idea which one...
  6. christ83189

    Radiate capsule review

    Loomed everywhere for the radiate capsule review thread and cant find it so here we are. Ive been taking 2 caps pwo first thing in the morning and depending on how tired i am in the afternoon ill usually take 1 or 2 more after work (sometimes i would take them at lunch if i was feeling...
  7. christ83189

    Anyone tried vicaine and vicaine pm?

    So i was just checking out vicaine and vicaine pm and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it performs as advertised. Looks very interesting but seems like alot of money to spend if it doesnt live up to the hype
  8. christ83189


    Wasnt sure where to post this... Anyone have experience with modafinil? Wanting to get some and try it out
  9. christ83189

    Advice please

    So my wife is 8 months pregnant with our 4th child and used to be in crazy good shape before she had our last one. Anyways we used to love doing crossfit together and eating healthy after our last child we just never got back into it. Well now im lifting heavy again and shes depressed bc shes...
  10. christ83189


    Anyone ever tried it? I havent heard about it in quite a while but the thought just popped in my head and was curious if anyone had ever tried it?
  11. christ83189

    Test cyp question

    Hey im gonna be starting trt next week and was wondering how long it takes to feel the improvement from test cyp?
  12. christ83189

    Exemestane dosing protocol

    Anyone give me advice on dosing protocol for exemestane? Not sure if im gonna need it but i have it and need to know how to dose it if i end up needing it. Any advice is appreciated thanks guys
  13. christ83189

    Powerlifting program?

    Hey guys im looking for a proven effective strength training program. This week im nailing down my maxes to get my working percentages off and would like some help finding a tried and true strength program
  14. christ83189

    Compounds and aromatising and combatting it

    Im just wondering about certain compounds in particular. Dmz, msten, and m1a and which aromatise and what is the best method to combat the sides and dosages. Any help is appreciated.
  15. christ83189

    Low T

    Hey guys so i just got my bloodwork back and im looking at a total T level of 340 at 28 years old and ive tried a bunch of natty testboosters throughout the last little while with no eleviation of the symptoms. Is this like a TRT level of test? Or what?
  16. christ83189


    What is a common dosing protocol for a cycle of m1a? Thinking on running this for my next cycle but havent seen a whole lot on this one. Any info would be greatly appreciated
  17. christ83189

    Vitamin C

    Whats the best dosage protocol for boosting immune system and wellness on a day to day basis and also for mega dosing when feeling like you're getting sick?
  18. christ83189


    What are all your guys' staple supps you take day to day? Im getting back into lifting hard regularly (been pretty sporadic recently due to work/wife/kids) and could use some input on what i should stock my "medicine" cabinet with
  19. christ83189

    Christ83189 back in it

    Starting a returning log here. Squats today. Will post some starting numbers and stuff here in a bit. Pretty disappointed with where i am compared to where i was a year and a half ago but oh well. Moving forward now
  20. christ83189

    Putting together a cycle... Need some help

    Hey guys i just recently started lifting again after a while off. Wanting to put together a cycle when my taxes come in and wondering what your guys' favorites are. I personally like dmz but want to add to it. Also gonna be stocking up on all my regular supplements too so could use some...