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  1. booneman77

    CL Orange GutBac Log

    Thanks to @Hyde and the fine folks over at Controlled Labs for giving me the chance to run a bottle of the new digestion and gut support supplement, Orange GutBac. Over the next few weeks I’ll be checking in every few days with thoughts and comments on how things feel. For reference, I have...
  2. booneman77

    USA WTS: PES Ergonine (4)

    Have 4 PES E9 for sale: 1 nanberry 2 tropical twist 1 blue frost Shoot me your best offer. Only trades I would entertain would be for Vector or Evomuse BMP. Also have a few DMAA/DMHA Pre's if anyone is interested.
  3. booneman77

    USA FS - Everything Must Go! Natty Anabolics, DC'd Items, and more

    Have to say goodbye to the stash I've amassed over the years... ISO a good home for some all-time favorites. Up for sale: PES Anabeta Elite -$40ea Sparta Nutrition Kraken (w/ DMHA) - $35ea Hi tech ultimate orange with dmaa Sparta Nutrition Spartan Hard v2 - $45ea +
  4. booneman77

    USA FS - Erogonine, Epicatechin, Reign, Xgels, Reduce XT+

    For Sale ONLY - wanting to clear some space All prices shipped (can negotiate for larger orders), all products sealed. PES Ergonine - $20/ea (tropical twist / nanaberry / blue frost) Sparta Nutrition Epicurus (epicatechin with tetrasorb) - $35/ea OBO (DC'd) Olympus Labs Reign (OG dragon...
  5. booneman77

    USA FS - E9 /

    see other thread
  6. booneman77

    BOG2 Free! SNS SYN-30

    The steak sauce (A 1 Supplements) does it again! 3 bottles of SNS SYN-30 for a TOTAL of $9.95!!! That’s 3.33 a bottle! Synephrine HCI-Get A More Clear And Focused Form Of Energy Without A Crash! SYN-30 can be cost effectively incorporated into fat loss or body-recomposition regimens. It can...
  7. booneman77

    Agmatine XT BOGO! Under $15 each!

    Bogo Agmatine xt at A 1 supplements! Steak sauce FTW haha Get one of the best all around supplements on the market for a steal of a deal... $29.95 for the pair.
  8. booneman77

    Boone’s HPScience Glycøshield Review

    Thanks to HPS owner chedapalooza for sending me a bottle of what hopefully js the next gen. Version of what is widely regarded as the best GDA ever, recompadrol. My initial review will be after 1 week of continuous use, and a few occasional updates as different circumstances/situations take...
  9. booneman77

    Team Juggernaut ft. Booneman77 - 3 months to Mass!

    Hello and welcome to the next 3 months of my life! I have been graciously selected to receive 3 months of training and coaching in both diet/nutrition and workouts/training from the guys over at Team Juggernaut (Team Info/. I will be following the plans given me to the letter, commenting along...
  10. booneman77

    The Salt-an of Swole: Muscle Research KetoSalt

    Welcome! Over the next few weeks I'll be trying out Muscle Research's Keto Salt in a variety of ways, times, and situations. A little background info on me and my situation: Currently sitting at about 185lb, 12% bf. Normally I don't do too hard of a keto diet (usually still pretty high...
  11. booneman77

    USA WTS: Clearing out lots - Supports, Natty items, Others

    Looking to clear out some space and collect some $ for some fun things around the house. Feel free to PM me an offer for anything (have multiples of most) or to ask if I have something you don't see (pre's, other supports, natty anabolics, "rares", etc): CEL Tudca CEL Cycle Assist OL Arimacare...
  12. booneman77

    Scivation Quake 10.0 Preworkout Log - Booneman gives it a go

    Welcome to my log for Scivation's new (and much anticipated) pre workout, Quake 10.0 Thanks to The Solution and 1Fast400 for the chance to try out this unique product. Over the next few weeks I'll be giving this a go over a variety of workout times, lengths, and intensities and will give my...
  13. booneman77

    Controlled Labs PROmore protein - Frosted Cinnamon Bun

    Thanks to the generous guys at controlled labs, I was selected to try out the new PROmore protein that they have just released. Originally we were going to try all 3 flavors but a mix up landed me a 4lb tub of frosted cinnamon bun instead of 3 3 serving tubs! Thanks warehouse guys ;) For my...
  14. booneman77

    CEL M-Test

    Product information
  15. booneman77

    Sparta Nutrition and Stack3d Pro SALE

    Fellow Spartans: In honor of this year's Stack3d Fall Pro, save 35% off all products and stacks! Use Code: STACK3D at
  16. booneman77

    Sparta Nutrition and Stack3d Pro SALE

    Fellow Spartans: In honor of this year's Stack3d Fall Pro, save 35% off all products and stacks! Use Code: STACK3D at
  17. booneman77

    Sparta Nutrition and Stack3d Pro SALE!

    Fellow Spartans: In honor of this year's Stack3d Fall Pro, save 35% off all products and stacks! Use Code: STACK3D at
  18. booneman77

    Sparta Nutrition NEW RELEASES and SITEWIDE SALE!

    In true Spartan fashion, we want to honor our newest additions to the line... All new products are available at for pre sale and will begin shipping Tuesday. Use code ZEUS15 for 15% off the ENTIRE SITE!
  19. booneman77

    IFN Finish Line Mini Log/Review

    Thanks to VaughnTrue and the gentlemen over at IForce Nutrition, I have gotten 10 samples of the new post-workout supplement Finish Line. See the pics below for the labels: My current routine Mon-Thurs: 6am lift (fasted); bcaa's pre, post (will be replaced by Finish Line), and late...
  20. booneman77

    6 weeks to lean... what would you choose?

    6 weeks... cant decide what I want to research from the stash...(for anyone who doesn't know, ive researched plenty of cycles so we can skip this portion ha) Goal - max leanness. strength and adding mass (maintaining is important) are far secondary. Current best estimate stats (havent been...