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    Medichem labs

    Has anyone tried them before? looking to get some dbol
  2. BloodManor

    Alpha Stano powder log (sponsored)

    I want to thank the guys for hooking up a few of us with the Alpha Stano raw powder before its capped. The formula is 300mg epiandrosterone complexed with 700mg cyclodextrins per 1000mg. They sent me 50g of raw powder and will be doing 2g a day to start. The dosing may change throughout the log.
  3. BloodManor

    Unanswered Superdrol

    What’s everyone’s favorite brand and dosage? Also how long where your cycles and how did you feel?
  4. BloodManor

    Unanswered Favorite syringe brand

    What brand makes your favorite syringe, I’m still trying to find some good ones
  5. BloodManor

    What $10 gets me

    Gotta love insurance
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    Unanswered Why do it at the gym?

    Whenever I go to my local gym (New York sports club) there is always people doing gear in the toilets. It’s so damn annoying especially when you have to take a dump and next to you there is a guy standing for a min pinning himself. Is there really a need to do it here and not before you come...
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    Only while supplies last!!

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    The last time!!!

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    Happy Father’s Day!!!

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    We don’t stop!!!

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    Bogo inferno plus much more !!

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    Og shirts are back!!!

    Old designs back in stock.. and pimp the new stuff REPRESENT YOUR CREW! One of the shirts that started it all- the shirt Jamie designed specifically to lay waste to the raw 181lb division in powerlifting. Fun fact- you can find the font used on this shirt on DaFont as "Chaos...
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    Bogo Predator !! Plus more

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    Unanswered What to run before next bloodwork

    Just strayed trt on the 10th and gotta do bloods again on jun 15th. Was wondering if there is anything that I could run for a month that will not mess with bloods. I’m cutting now but would do a bulk for a month and gain some mass. What I have on hand - 1 andro - enough for 500mg a day for 3...
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    Holy news!! Lucky wheel,huge discounts,4 new products!!!!!!

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    30% off cinco de Mayo

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    Chemical one bogo plus more!!!!!!

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    Starting trt May 10th

    As per my endocrinologist I’ll be starting trt May 10th due too my hypothyroidism and low test. Last test results are above. My test has slowly been decreasing over years. I have only done one real cycle before and it was just test 500mg a week and anavar for 6 weeks. Did a full pct and...
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    Get lean bogo

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    35% off entire site plus a Easter egg

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