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  1. soxbsbll05

    USA Adjustable Dumbbells??

    Anybody have some that they are willing to sell!?
  2. soxbsbll05

    USA Various Supps for Sale/Trade

    Have the following stuff for sale/trade. If offering a trade, I am mainly looking for pre’s/intra/natty anabolics/non stim fat burners. -BLR Nootrol NEW -Driven Sports Lean Xtreme NEW -EFX Kre-Alkalyn 120 caps (750mg per cap) NEW -Ghost Whey Chips Ahoy (Approx 5 scoops used -Glaxon Labs Super...
  3. soxbsbll05

    Soxbsbll05 Focuses on Aterall ER

    First off, thanks to @Mike Arnold for allowing me to test out his wonderful new product, Aterall ER! Once I saw that this product was in production, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, I have yet to buy a bottle but luckily I have 20 caps to give it a whirl in the meantime. I did...
  4. soxbsbll05

    SNS Vasoforce XT Review

    Okay, I have finished up an entire 30 serving bottle of this stuff and I am very impressed! as for my review; I have been taking this product for a couple of months now and have had a good gauge of how well I respond to it. I tried out the product in various different forms: 1) On its own 2)...
  5. soxbsbll05

    Polygala Tenuifolia?

    Has anybody used this before? The studies and feedback all over the internet are quite interesting!
  6. soxbsbll05

    USA Man Sports PR-Xt

    Have two unopened bottles of this discontinued supplement. Expires 10/19 and have been kept in a cool, dark cabinet. Willing to sell for the right offer or trade for two bottles of CEL Anabolic Effect. Pm me!
  7. soxbsbll05

    USA Pre's

    Selling or possibly trading the following: 1 Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme (Hulk Juice): $50/shipped 1 Performax Labs Hypermax Extreme (Rasberry Lemonade): $25/shipped **Approx 295g of 340g remaining** *Prices are firm for selling*
  8. soxbsbll05

    Unanswered OL Ostar1ne

    I have an unopened bottle of Ostarine from Olympus Labs. Trying to decide how to run it as I have never delved into SARMS before. Was considering running 20-25mgs for 6-8 weeks but am open to some suggestions on how to run it as well! I will be using Torem for PCT.
  9. soxbsbll05

    USA WTB: OL I Am Suprem3

    Anybody looking to sell some I am Suprem3? I would love to buy some if you are!
  10. soxbsbll05

    Soxbsbll05's EpiChaos Log by Apex Alchemy

    First, I'd like to thank @nostrum420 for choosing me to test out his new Epicatechin TD, EpiChaos! This is quite exciting for me because I have never tried any sort of TD supplement before and am curious to see how I respond. I have used multiple different Epicatechin oral supplements over the...
  11. soxbsbll05

    Unanswered 5-AT?

    What's everyone's opinions on this? Is it really good for controlling cortisol?
  12. soxbsbll05

    Rebirth PCT

    Is Rebirth sufficient enough for PCT of an Ostarine cycle? Planning on doing 20mg for 8 weeks.
  13. soxbsbll05

    Unanswered Apex Alchemy Epoch

    Anybody have experience using this? Love Epi products but have never tried a TD one. Would love to try a couple bottles if the feedback is good!
  14. soxbsbll05

    USA WTB: PES Select Protein

    Looking to see if anybody has any they are willing to sell? Mainly looking for: PB Cookie C&C Snickerdoodle Strawberry Cheesecake
  15. soxbsbll05

    USA Alpha Lion Freddy Juice

    Looking to sell the above preworkout. Willing to listen to trades for other possible DMHA preworkouts. Alpha Lion Freddy Juice (Kiwi Blueberry) - $40/shipped USA only please.
  16. soxbsbll05

    DMHA Preworkouts?

    What's the best still available? Looking for something that is as close as possible to OG Kraken!
  17. soxbsbll05

    Best All Inclusive Nootropic Pill

    I've been doing some research on Nootropics for awhile and have tried a few. I'm looking for opinions on an all inclusive Nootropic capsule that I can take daily. I need something that is quick and easy due to my travelling so that is why I am looking for only capsule recommendations. All...
  18. soxbsbll05

    USA Multiple Goodies for Trade/Sale

    I have the following supplements in my stash that I am possibly looking to sell/trade. Not 100% sure on all these but will look into it for the right offer.... - Nutrabio Intrablast (Sweet Tea) $30 shipped - Performax Hypermax (Tropical Splash) **Approximately 3 servings have been used so...
  19. soxbsbll05

    Soxbsbll05 get vascular with Vasoblitz

    Thanks to Build Fast Formula for being generous and offering many of us the opportunity to log their new product Vasoblitz! As you can, the ingredient profile is simple but dosed very effectively! A little background on my current stats/nutrition/lifting routine: - 5'10, 172 lbs -...
  20. soxbsbll05

    Best Whey Isolate

    Title is pretty self explanatory. I am looking for a brand of whey isolate that is not only good but may also have some cool different flavors outside of chocolate/vanilla/strawberry. I have already tried Man Sports Iso Protein, Rule 1, Iso 100, Precision Protein, etc. Hoping to find something...