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  1. Manu20

    Napalm Question

    I am going to be flying home tomorrow and was wondering if there would be any problems w/taking my napalm in my bag that i am going to check in, i assume it should be no problem but wanted to ask.
  2. Manu20

    Bench Press

    Well i went back to ur program that u made me and im loving it again, don't know why i ever stopped...anywasy my bb bench has been at a plateu for months, any suggestions to increase my bench? THanks bobo and i can't believe it took me so long to do these workotus again.
  3. Manu20

    Product Reviews

    Ok, so i've been using osteobolin and neovar for a few weeks now along w/my rpm. Anways, just wanted to post some thoughts so far. Osteobolin: i've had an ankle thats been ****ed up for months from playing basketball and it could never heal b/c i kept playing on it. Well it feels great and does...
  4. Manu20


    Any news on when this iis going to be released again, i missed the first run and am eager to try this out.
  5. Manu20

    First Order

    Well I placed my first order Sunday and received it Tuesday...great service. You've got a new customer, I like that T/A time. Well done Island.
  6. Manu20

    Short Cycle

    Sorry to post this thread in this forum too, but I meant to post it in here and accidentally did in the cycle log. So mods do what you must I just figured this forum gets more people so I would get mroe responses. Hey guys, I wnat your feedback and opinions/flames for my short cycle idea. I...
  7. Manu20

    Short Cycle

    Hey guys, I wnat your feedback and opinions/flames for my short cycle idea. I really like short cycles and wanted to run one with Test prop/Tren ace. I would do 75/75 EOD for 4 - 5 weeks, raising the dose to 100/100 if necessary. I want to do a slight recoimp, lose a little bf and put on maybe...
  8. Manu20

    Citrulline Malate

    How much is 1/4 or 1/2 tsp of your CM measure out to be?
  9. Manu20


    I just received the BCAA's I ordered from you and was wondering if you had a way that I could measure the how much is in each tablespoon or soemthing like that ..thanks.
  10. Manu20


    Hey stryder, just wondering if you or anyone had weighed out how much phenibut is in 1/4tsp or and size for that matter.
  11. Manu20

    Lean Mass Cycle

    Hey, I am considering doing a cycle this fall in an attempt to put on some quality lean mass. I am thinking of running a 6 week cycle with 100mg test prop and 75mg tren ace EOD with superdrol the first 3 weeks. I was wondering what yall thought about this and if there is any changes or...
  12. Manu20

    Manu20 on Bobo's Muscle Building Program

    Hey guys today I started Bobo's deluxe muscle bulding program. I am hoping to make nice gains in lean mass while keeping fat gain to a minimum. I am going to do the first few weeks natty and am considering adding a short cycle in at week 3, but this is not a definite. Right now I am 5'9" and...
  13. Manu20

    Short Cycle

    Hey guys I'm wanting to do a short lean mass/cutting cycle. I am 5'9 187lbs and b/t 11-12%bf. I have done a cycle of 1-test cyp/sledge test. I am a month from being 22 and would like to try a short cycle to start off with. Here is what I was thinking....let me know what yall think: 1-6: Test E...
  14. Manu20

    New Workout Program

    Hey guys I would like your help and opinion on a new workout program. I just got done doing HST and am looking for something to do for a while before doing HST again. I am currently bulking and can workout any days of the week. I would prefer to have some workouts on M,W,F because I have late...
  15. Manu20

    Pre workout Supps

    Hey guys I will be working out first thing in the morning before class this upcoming semester and would like some advice on how when I should take my preworkout supps. I will be taking NO-xplode (which it says to take on an empty stomach and not eat anything within 45 minutes of taking it)...
  16. Manu20

    Pics...please critique

    Alright guys heres some recent pics of me. I am currently 5'9" and 182lbs and 10.5% bf. I am cutting and will be bulking in about 2 months. I would like to know what you think and what I need to really concentrate on improving and if you have any advice to help me accomplish the improvements...
  17. Manu20

    Lean Mass/Cutting Cycle

    Hey guys I want yall's opinion on my proposed cycle that I want to start in a few weeks. 1-6: M-4ohn...I'll prolly start at 12mg and work my way up. 1-6: VPX 4-oht...1cc/day 1-4: VPX 1-test cyp...2cc/day I am going to also be alternating liquid clen and an eca stack every two weeks. Other...
  18. Manu20

    8 Week Cycle Idea

    Hey guys I was wondering what you thought about this cycle I was considering doing...won't be for a while but am trying to get everything together. I was thinking: Weeks: 1-5 S1+ 5 squirts X 2 1-4 M-Dien 8mg/day 5-8 M4ohn 10-12mg/day 6-8 4oht Vpx...1cc/day 6-7 ECY and Trimax 25E/200C/5Y X...