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  1. Jiigzz

    Issue at NP solved immediately

    Sometimes we gripe often about issues, and so occasionally it is nice to pass along positive CS experiences! I had a slight issue with the NP site yesterday where an order I hadn't committed to was processed in error. Made contact with them through the contact page and within moments was...
  2. Jiigzz

    Order processed without clicking submit

    I was browsing your site today and went to go ahead and buy something but your new payment page looked a lot different to usual so I backed away from the page, but then I was sent an email saying payment processed through a shipping method I never selected. I have no idea why it was processed...
  3. Jiigzz

    SNS welcomes Ryane87, Cooter Flap and Goodvibes to the team!

    They say that the best things in life always happen in 3's, however as with any supposition, they are bound to be wrong from time to time :p edit: please also welcome vujade to the SNS roster! Kidding, kinda ;) So feel free to toss your complaints, feedback, insight, and questions their way...
  4. Jiigzz

    That symyx price though

    $3.50 for 4?? Damn thats good. How much does it weigh though? FIMS skyrockets with them included. Anyway to break down a box so I can ship 4 INTL? :D
  5. Jiigzz

    To stretch or not to stretch

    So recently i've been doing a bit of reading about the effectiveness of stretching, and in particular about whether or not it is effective in altering muscle length or whether it is mostly an increased an increased stretch tolerance, meaning that the onset of tension/ pain occurs at increased...
  6. Jiigzz

    SNS introduces 3 new reps!

    True to form, we decided to go big and bring in 3 new members to the team! Even though the three new reps were announced already, it just ain't official until they have their very own thread to be harassed in! :D So today we would like to (belatedly yet formally) announce the additions of...
  7. Jiigzz

    The ParActin Q&A - a sore joints best friend

    The ingredient you need! Well need might be a strong word, but it is certainly beneficial. There is a fair amount of information out there about ParActin, particularly from HP ingredients, however I will try and cover a little bit about what it is, how it works and why you might need it. Q1...
  8. Jiigzz

    SNS Introduces L-Ornithine L Aspartate

    INTRODUCING L-ORNITHINE L ASPARTATE Once again, true to style, SNS has released yet another product to its already stellar line-up. L-Ornithine packs a massive punch in the role of an anti-fatigue agent. This ingredient is capable of reducing serum triglyceride levels, increasing free fatty...
  9. Jiigzz

    Some call it a miracle... we call it Leanedge!

    We all love a good stimmed fat burner.. something that can wake us up, provide appetite suppression and burn fat all at once, but these products cannot be used all the time - at least not by us mere mortals who require sleep, a stim break or who can simply not tolerate ingredients like yohimbine...
  10. Jiigzz

    SNS Thanksgiving Minigames! Joint Support XT anyone?

    Welcome to the SNS Thanksgiving mini-game thread! With thanksgiving looming, where we are reminded to be thankful for the year that has been and the year that is to come, it only feels right to extend those blessings to free supplements and the blessings of mobile and pain free joints. In...
  11. Jiigzz

    Picamilon banned in NZ

    Sad face :( Bad exposure is bad exposure :( Date rape drug ingredient in fitness booster
  12. Jiigzz

    The Human Eqivalent Dose

    This has come up a fair amount recently and a few people are still unsure of the concept. Whenever a new drug is trialed, it almost always goes through some sort of animal testing before being allowed to enter the market for human use. Unfortunately it is often presumed that to convert the...
  13. Jiigzz

    Leg day vs Arm day vs Torso Day

    So I was thinking, why is it that bodybuilding splits seperate Chest and Back and Arm groups (or dedicate an entire day to Arms) but yet group "Legs" together? The arms have two major muscles and the chest one (with different heads and attachment points, yet between the Quads, Hamstrings, Hip...
  14. Jiigzz

    House of HUGE SNS PROMO!!

    Serious nutrition solutions is proud to be sponsors of the House of HUGE reality TV show. This show follows 10 competitors (5 female and 5 male) 7 days out from a pro-qualifier who put together in one HUGE mansion. If you ever known the hanger and mood swings of contest preparation, imagine...
  15. Jiigzz

    Self aware robots.. feared or revered?

    Anyone following the developments in robotics recently? One team was able to sit three robots down and program to of them to be mute and one to be able to speak. The team then programmed the robots to know that two of them were mute and only one could speak and said it was because two had...
  16. Jiigzz

    Arachidonic Acid and Cancer - a brief synopsis

    Recently there has been a little talk about the potential for one of our products to cause cancer and this talk has also lead to a few accusations that we care more about making a few dollars than we do about the health of our customers. I would like to state outright that customer satisfaction...
  17. Jiigzz


    The title says it all. We can now officially announce the impending release of a new nootropic to our line-up to compliment FOCUS XT. For those who like user feedback, this is from a guy named Boolean (I just googled NOOPEPT and FOCUS XT :D ) A bit about NOOPEPT NOOPEPT increases BETA...
  18. Jiigzz

    SNS welcomes McCrew530 to the team! Free stuff you say?

    The king of the anabolic section is among us... so today we welcome the massive McCrew530 to the cast of SNS :D So join with me in welcoming the large human to the team! His knowledge of all things training is undeniable and he will no doubt make huge waves here at SNS :D At SNS we love to...
  19. Jiigzz

    5000 links needed to post links

    Since no thread has been made, thought I would mention that you seemingly need 5k posts before you can post links. I think this is either a mistake or a ploy to stop link spamming haha Edit: ahh I assume the latter :D
  20. Jiigzz

    Shoutout to Nutraplanet

    Its always good to give a company its dues when the prices around are the cheapest I have seen for a while. I ordered: 2x Acute Fx from Athletix @ 3.79 a pop 1x White flood stack For a whopping $30 SHIPPED to New Zealand. It takes a while for the package to arrive but for $7.95 INTL...