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  1. Raw Dog

    USA WTB Methyldiazirinol

    If anyone has any let me know
  2. Raw Dog

    Unanswered Epiandro while on long term ralox?

    Asked in another thread but didn’t get an answer, was hoping someone knowledgeable might chime in. Just started running ralox and will be running it for a few months to get rid of pubertal gyno. With my understanding of epiandro it shouldn’t really effect test or estrogen so I wouldn’t think it...
  3. Raw Dog

    Raw Dog Recomp Log (ft BMP, fasting, and keto)

    What’s up AM. Decided to run a log here to hopefully help some people out as well as document my progress and give myself reference points. I’m 29 at the moment, 5’9 and weighed 151 lbs this morning. I would say 21-22 was when I was in the best shape of my life and lived for fitness, however I...
  4. Raw Dog

    Raw Dog Ralox Gyno Reduction Log

    Hello everyone! I will be logging my experience here with gyno reduction via ralox. I have had pubertal gyno since I was a teenager, a small lump under my left nipple and a bit of fat under both of them. It is not terrible by any means but has always bothered me a bit. I’ve wanted to try ralox...
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    Unanswered Joint Supps

    Hey sorry if there have been any recent topics on this, search function didn’t pull up anything recent though. I’ve been having some pain in my left shoulder as well as a bit of tendinitis in my elbows. Curious what would be the best supplement/stack to help deal with this. Any deals of course...
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    USA WTB -epi products

    Looking to give this a run. Open to pills or TD. No prop blends
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    Unanswered Any good natural whey/protein products out there with low carbs?

    Trying to eliminate artificial sweeteners and having a hard time finding any proteins that are free of artificial sweeteners and don’t have a ton of carbs. Anyone have a product they can vouch for?
  8. Raw Dog

    Good Amino product for fasted workouts

    Been out of the supplement game for awhile but I am curious what are the amino products with the best extra goodies that could help for fasted training. I recently switched to OMAD with my workouts happening between 9-11pm and my meal shortly after. Workouts have been struggling since that...
  9. Raw Dog

    Absolutely Abliderated with 11-kt

    Would it be safe to stack the two or would it be too much in terms of cortisol reduction?
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    Anyone Blend Smoothies?

    Looking for ideas to make mine a bit healthier and/or tastier. Share yours! Current recipe: 3 whole large carrots 2 handfuls of kale/spinach/chard blend 1 medium green apple 3-4 chunks of Pineapple 1 handful frozen blueberries Half handful of blackberries or raspberries 2 thirds cup of Greek...
  11. Raw Dog

    Eviscerate Expiration?

    Dug some old eviscerate and smolder out of the closet (old enough to have genomyx branding). Gave the smolder a hot water bath and decided to put some on, seemed good as new and I'm feeling the burn right now. Is there are any concern with these being 5-7 years old?
  12. Raw Dog

    USA WTT 2 Sealed Iron Legion xi-kt, 1 ergonine TT

    Also have 2 ANS Diablo PM and about 2 bottles worth of SNS Noopept I might part with Looking for: Xtend, might consider other BCAAS Iforce Protean (not choc or vanilla) Myofeed PB2 XF UP 2.0 May consider other proteins Conqu3r Unleashed Some Evomuse products
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    Haleo Vici

    Anyone see this? Interesting product but the caffeine inclusion is a bit puzzling. Also priced pretty high, but would be an interesting non stim stacker if not for the caffeine content.
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    Mass Gainz strawberry vs original protean (flavor)

    I really like the formula on this. Was curious though, anyone who's used the original protean care to offer a flavor comparison? Don't really care for strawberry much, but got a bunch of protean on sale awhile back and was blown away by the strawberry. Definitely in my top 3 all time with...
  15. Raw Dog

    FT: 2 Chocolate PES select, ANS Ritual

    Select both sealed, have an open one as we'll but will probably hold on to it. Ritual is icy blue freeze 45 servings, 4-5 missing Looking for trades, mostly interested in the other two flavors of select and peak beta+ but feel free to shoot me a list Edit - 2 sealed select are gone now. Still...
  16. Raw Dog

    XI KT Timing?

    So I've been researching this quite a bit, but cannot seem to find a consistent opinion on the best time to apply this. I understand that transdermals are absorbed best after shower or around workout, but some people seem to believe around a workout is not ideal for this compound due to effects...
  17. Raw Dog

    Attn team genomyx

    Hey guys, not sure if any of the old reps are still around but a little over a year ago I was chosen to log a tub of creignite. Some personal **** happened around the same time, I kind of fell off the grid and the log never happened. I'm not here to give anyone my life story, just wanted a...
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    Calling out SNS

    I demand more details
  19. Raw Dog

    I was a sceptic...

    Enhanced, what an awful looking formula. Underdosed, unproven ingredients, and as just another stim with a few pump ingredients. I swore I would never buy into the hype of a preworkout after buying three tubs of craze at launch. I dismissed your product almost immediately, and had it not been...
  20. Raw Dog

    Anyone else try XF UP2.0 Butterscotch yet?

    Just cracked my tub open. 10/10