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  1. Segansational

    In the Mail ....

    Here's part 2!
  2. Segansational

    In the Mail ....

    Not gonna lie, all of their flavoring is pretty awesome. As I've gotten older, I value premium protein powders even if they are more on the expensive side. I just enjoy drinking it more. The xmas cookie dough flavor was great.
  3. Segansational

    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Need? No, but again any help to supplement calorie cutting and cardio (obviously the focus point) I like to add in, and preserve muscle on a cut. I've used most of this stack already, what's new really for the cut is: Superhuman Burn substituted for my pre-WO - So far I've been very happy with...
  4. Segansational

    In the Mail ....

    Yep, I had NEXT DAY delivery on the first part of my order (Musclesport, see below) and 2 day delivery on the rest of my order. Can't complain with that service!
  5. Segansational

    vAliant Anabolic Androgenic Archive: TD Superdrol and DMZ

  6. Segansational

    Rising Above the Pandemic! 1st Cycle!

    In to see results pics! Hope it's a minor setback injury, nothing major.
  7. Segansational

    In the Mail ....

    Well, I just grabbed the Quest BOGO50 deal, BOGO GAT multi, BOGO MetRx RTDs, and Musclesport Lean Whey Crispy Cookie Cereal with a free BCAA Revolution. Also got shipping notification already, can't beat those deals from @The Solution
  8. Segansational

    NEW PRODUCT- Full Spectrum CBD oil-

    I've started using this at 1 ml daily in the evening. I've noticed no drop in sleep quality or anxiolytic effects compared to other high quality CBD extracts / brands I've used. Stuff tastes and feels clean. Great experience with this product so far at a fraction of the cost of other reputable...
  9. Segansational

    Transdermal Superdrol, anybody tried?

    Going to log it here?
  10. Segansational

    Supreme Labs Gw501516 Log

    Do you think you have had a noticeable difference between 20 vs 30 mg?
  11. Segansational

    Unanswered Matthersby log: Old man on a mission

    Congrats! Being that lean and taking 5th place, it must've been a tough line up! Also, how tall are you? You absolutely dwarf your trainer.
  12. Segansational

    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that I'm still here. Here's an update from pre- (on left) and post-injury (on right) comeback. Weighed on left at 174.0#, 16.3% BF. Weighed in at 178.7#, 16.9% BF on the right. Feel like I look leaner even though I went up in weight, but I think my...
  13. Segansational

    Vicious Labs/Gainbusters 25% Off Quarantine Sale (Indefinite)

    Discount code no longer valid? Any other discount codes around?
  14. Segansational

    Kat and Puccah's Strong is the new sexy log

    Where was this?
  15. Segansational

    In the Mail ....

    Here's a compilation of my most recent orders... showing support to some of the sponsors on here!
  16. Segansational

    The New Product Release Thread

    @ZOO is at it again!
  17. Segansational

    Vector and k1ngs blood stack?

    I'll be honest, I know Bob from the boards and I've met him in person and this doesn't sound like him. He'll definitely pull no punches when it comes to reviewing a product if he thinks it doesn't work, but I've never seen him outright bash a company like the screenshot above. Something doesn't...
  18. Segansational

    Kat and Puccah's Strong is the new sexy log

    The fattening kind, lol.
  19. Segansational

    Kat and Puccah's Strong is the new sexy log

    Looks great Kat, coincidentally I too had cheesecake this evening!
  20. Segansational

    How do I get what I ordered?

    Just popping in here to say that I got the rest of my goodies in the mail today. Thanks @love2liftkat for helping me get squared away with the big man!