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  1. Woody

    USA FS: Super-11, Dermastrength, Clear Edge, and more

    I’m cleaning out my stash and getting rid of stuff I’ll never use. OL Dermastrength (5 bottles) - $30/each OL OG Origin (2 bottles) - $40/each OL Epic Unleashed TD (3 bottles) - $30/each Tons of 4mg albuterol caps I’ll update this as I find more stuff. Everything is unopened Shipping is $7...
  2. Woody

    I Bet On the Playoffs and Won Xtend: Woody Finally Reviews Xtend Perform

    'Ello Georgie(s) As I'm sure most of you know - I've never tried Xtend in any variation. I don't use BCAA too often. I don't really use Pre's or Proteins that often either. Anyway, I was able to put my footyball knowledge to use and won some Xtend. I chose Xtend Perform Mango because I was...
  3. Woody

    USA FS: Opened OG Alphamine, Joint Support XT, Alphamax, and more.

    I'm getting rid of some stuff. (2) Joint Support XT *Pending* (1) OG Alphamax (1) Opened, but never used ABE (1) Ultimate T (1) Super-DHEA (1) Alphaburn 8mg (2) BMP Powders Some more hard to find goodies Open to trades. Looking for Erase Pro+/Inhibit-E, Shift, Brite, and Tropical Twist...
  4. Woody

    Dollar Beard Club

    Anyone have any experiences? I typically use 1704 beard balm but DBC is significantly cheaper. Looking at their shampoo, beard oil, and beard balm.
  5. Woody

    Test1fy Before Your New Demigod and Get a New Woody.

    Court is now in session. The Honorable Judge Woody presiding. Gentlemen, thank you for coming. I know everyone just loves product promotions and giveaways. As my way of giving back to the AM community for everything over the past year or two and celebrate joining the stellar team over at...
  6. Woody

    From Beta to Alpha: Woody Beta Tests Performax's New Product

    I was chosen to beta test Performax new product. I don't know much about it besides its two caps twice a day before meals for 30 days. I train using a modified PHAT with extra volume. I'm going to put more emphasis on bicep and tricep development because I feel my arms are severely lacking...
  7. Woody

    Bo Peep Heals Her Joints with BPS Laxogenin

    I'd like to thank BPS for giving me an opportunity to log their new laxogenin transdermal, Androcrine. So who is Bo Peep? Well, that would be Woody's unofficial but-soon-to-be-official in 2018 (Toy Story 4) girlfriend. So yes, this is a log for my girlfriend. And no, Jessie is not Woody's...
  8. Woody


    I have two unopened bottles of the new ABE (cistamax version) And one opened, unused bottle of the older, 3 ingredient ABE. Open to trades. Nothing particularly strikes my fancy though.
  9. Woody

    Woody Trests the Dark Side

    This log is a bit overdue - so my apologies for the delay. That being said, shoutout to Focused Nutrition for hooking it up on Trest Elite. BamBam0319 Marms Its 30 mg of trest per cap with 120 caps. That makes for 3,600mg of Trest per bottle. I'm going to start at 1 cap PWO for the...
  10. Woody

    USA WTB: Cycle Support

    Planning a summer cycle. Wanna go ahead and get everything together now. Prefer Arimicare Pro, but open to suggestions.
  11. Woody

    USA WTB: X-Gels, BMP, ABE, Conquer Unleashed, Tr1umph

    Just stocking up on my basics
  12. Woody

    Woody and Cronus is going to be Legen-waitforit-dary.

    I'd first like to thank pyrobatt and Chaos and Pain for the opportunity. This is my first log so I'm pretty excited to see how it goes. I have 2 bottles of Legendary, which is Epi and Laxo with capsorb and 2 lbs of Cannibal Cronus Chocolate protein. I haven't lifted very often in the past...
  13. Woody

    Good Vitamin Alternatives to OT?

    I've been using OT consistently for some time now. With the release of Joint Support XT and my continued interest in Achilles, I'm thinking about going another way for my multi. Price is a factor I'd like to balance because if it gets too high, I see no reason to switch. OT works fine with...
  14. Woody


    I've decided to run Clenbliderate (Clen + Absolutely Abliderated). I currently have the Clen + AA is being delivered today, hopefully. Looking at you USPS. Anyway, I have heard very conflicting things regarding dosing, and I thought I had everything figured out, but now I just want to verify...
  15. Woody

    Too much or just enough? EU + ArA + ABE + Alphamax/Erase + PA

    Currently, I'm running EU + ArA + PA. I want to throw in ABE + Alphamax, but I have enough ArA to run this in a separate cycle. I'm trying to gain mass and get my strength back to where it was before I got buried in school and subsequently broke my wrist. I want to keep fat gains to a minimum...
  16. Woody

    Leg Day Routine Without Squats

    So I had lower back surgery a few years ago and because of that I will never be able to deadlift. I'm also pretty uncomfortable squatting. Its possibly a mental thing, but its a risk I'm not willing to take. That being said, I feel like my legs aren't growing like my upper body. Any...
  17. Woody

    Best Rear Delt Exercises

    Compound and isolation. I can't bend over very far bc of back surgery so that's taken out a few exercises. I do a lot of rows and reverse cable flies but still feel like my delts are lacking. Ideas/suggestions? -If I have to bend, I probably can't do it.-
  18. Woody

    USA WTB Empty Protein Containers

    MyProtein ships their protein in bags which is a PITA. Needing at least 4 protein containers. I don't mind getting one from four different people. I prefer 5 lb but a 2 lb container will work excellent as well. Also looking for EvoMuse BMP and Brite. I have OG Eviscerate, Abliderate...
  19. Woody

    Brain Boosting Nootropic

    I personally use Aggro for my studying, but a buddy of mine sent me a screenshot of this asking if it's any good. I have no idea what product it is and/or where he found it. He's looking to use it for school. With most supplements, I have general understanding at a minimum. With nootropics, my...
  20. Woody

    Aggro v. Cannibal Genius

    Aggro is marketed towards gamers, but I've read reviews of people using it for school. Thats what I need it for. I need a long (preferably 5-6 hour) boost of extreme focus and concentration so I can bang out 300 pages of Federal tax or Security regulations. My outlines have fallen behind...