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  1. PoSiTiVeFLoW

    PFloW's *Sponsored* Ultra-Epi log from Iconic Formulations + bonus

    This is the first post in the upcoming *sponsored* review of Iconic Formulations Ultra Epi product. = The bonus here is two *unsponsored* co-reviews! To make sure I have a test-base - being 40 years old with lower-middle range T levels - I also will run Alpha FOUR - and then once I give a...
  2. PoSiTiVeFLoW

    Narrows research and reviews by known AM members?

    I've recently taken some of their SR-9009 and 4-Andro, but can't comment on 4-andro effectiveness due to mixing with 1-andro (1-testosterone by Hi-Tech) with cyclosomal/liposomal delivery. Because like everyone BSL, Hi-Tech, Primevil old stuff uses some liposomal type delivery method, to get it...
  3. PoSiTiVeFLoW

    PFlow's Body Beast workouts + PED logs

    Back on Anabolic Minds for another several years of gainz! Took a couple years break to get my career and family back on track.. but back! Workout plan = Body Beast with Sagi, supersets, drop sets, dynamic intervals, pyramids.. old and new skool. Goals = 190lbs and 13.5% BF >> 210lbs and 10%...
  4. PoSiTiVeFLoW

    Answered HCG for taper off brief TRT, restart natural T-levels

    So I am seeing an FDA approved method for using HCG injections to restart men's testosterone levels. But my old lady Endocrinologist at Kaiser thinks despite me cycling PH and gear for ~3years that I show signs to restart production. I also respond well to low dose Test Cyp, like 80mg has me at...
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    USA German Pharma

    2 bottles *new* of M-Drol by German Pharma, 60 caps per bottle, each cap has 10mg active ingredient. $70 or trade for select items. PayPal or Venmo.
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    *Unsponsored* PRO 10-20mg daily, M-Sten log with Test E 300mg/EQ 300mg base per week.

    Hey AM forum folks, after a short PCT and now after all the harsh but successful oral PH logs, and SARMs logs. I have wisened up and have regular Test E and EQ base now... This time after my last MA Research sponsored RAD 140 log, and short PCT, o decided to give this PRO M-Sten a go with...
  7. PoSiTiVeFLoW

    Premier Research Bulk Cycle. *sponsored and un-sponsored* BULK, after RAD-140 recomp.

    After a PCT, following a RAD-140 with Test E base re-composition run, I will do more volume and form, less heavy weights, next 3-4 weeks work to heal and travel, stretch do body weight movements and baby proof house again... Starting 3rd week in April, I want to start a methyl PH bulk...
  8. PoSiTiVeFLoW

    MA Research *sponsored* log RAD-140 with Test E and EQ base - Recomp and strength

    First, let me thank Mike Arnold from MA Research for the research supplies a lovely bottle of RAD-140 with graduated dropper and I can tell you from my first week of research it is very potent and stronger than a competing brand - that I was doing initial dose assessment for my research pet...
  9. PoSiTiVeFLoW

    Test E cycle help! Total test >3000ng/mL, LSH and FSH undetectable

    Test E cycle help! Total test >3000ng/mL, LSH and FSH undetectable Hi guys, Need a bit of help here. Cycled methyl PH like DMZ and Epi and SDrol for past two years, blood work would be fine - other than liver values being elevated in ALT/AST, but not super high managed with TUDCA...
  10. PoSiTiVeFLoW

    Recomp or Lean Bulk cycle Furuza 50 and either Epistane

    Hey AM folks, Just wanted to say AM forum has helped me and my research pet achieve body rehab and fitness goals we were not sure we would hit, breaking the ectomorph cast. Him training extra hard on PH or SARMs pushes me nicely too in motivation. Now that my tall ectomorph 6'2" frame has hit...
  11. PoSiTiVeFLoW

    Premier Oils Super Diol log *sponsored*

    What's good AM folks? I would like to thank Mr. Yates and Premier oils for providing my ectodragon some cutting edge research compound, Super-Diol! This is the precursor to S-drol with a diol group. Capsules come in 16mg format, so tolerance assessment for dragon will start with one...
  12. PoSiTiVeFLoW

    S-drol on ectodragon. Unsponsored!

    Hi AM folks: 2nd unsponsored log here. 1st one was a 2 week trial with Dien Diol TD from PRE for my pet ectodragon. Which was a very nice hardening, strength agent (Tren like effect, with low sides). Nice. Ectodragon had recomped faster than expected, via Purerawz Sr9009 and PRE...
  13. PoSiTiVeFLoW

    Premier Research Dien Diol research pet, log unsponsored

    Well my research pet received first 1mL (50mg) Dien-Diol prior to his rigorous back routine this AM. Helped my pet apply TD across shoulder, clavicle bone, and some near thin skin part around inner ankle, thigh. Noticed the liquid has a reasonable smell, spreads on skin and absorbed easy with...