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  1. The Express 42

    Can I make my own SR9009 or SR9011 transdermal with Salvo?

    Want to increase bioavailability!
  2. The Express 42

    Androsterone supplement?

    Is Alpha Gainz alpha Andro the only product with androsterone? I want to give my cholesterol a break but stay on something to help keep me lean and androsterone seems to have some positive cholesterol benefits but it looks pretty hard to find.
  3. The Express 42

    Supplement Recall

    Have you guys seen this list for the recall yet? Some big brands on there... Evl nutrition Nutrex Primeval Labs Just to name a few “These products are being recalled after an FDA inspection found significant violations of current good manufacturing practice regulations. Manufacturing...
  4. The Express 42

    Unanswered Premier Research Essentials Ralox

    Looking to pick up some Raloxifene. Are there any AM discount codes out there?
  5. The Express 42

    Unanswered Can I make my own Formestane topical?

    I have some formestabe from Fusion supps on the way can I mix it with iron legion salvo to increase absorption?
  6. The Express 42

    Unanswered Nitrates for pump

    Looking into vasoblitz and ghost pump. Some good old fashioned noxygen + SNS VASO6 and SNS Citrulline Malate usually do the trick for me. Basically I’m asking though is there any benefit using arginine nitrate over betaine nitrate?
  7. The Express 42

    Anyone use injectable L Carnitine?

    Just wondering how well it worked for fatloss and seems t have no negative effects. I’ve heard it pairs well with insulin but not trying to get into that yet.
  8. The Express 42

    Need insight on cycle issues

    I am really curious about anyone having gone through something similar. Currently about 6 weeks in on a test E cycle at 300mg a week. Test is at 1400 E is at 45 (elevated by 1) Prolactin at 20 (elevated by 5) Last summer I ran my first prop cycle and loved it. Confidence, libido, increased...
  9. The Express 42

    Just got my bloodwork back... high prolactin?

    I have not run a 19nor in over a year and even then it was just 4 weeks of the Nor Andro. Now I’m back on cycle and just had blood work done. 6 weeks into test E and 2 weeks in 45mg dmz. The health markers came back normal which I was excited about. (Thank you CEL Cycle Assist and Tudca) only...
  10. The Express 42

    Royal Jelly Benefits

    Royal Jelly seems like a helluva supplement for men’s health. What should we be dosing this at to get those kind of benefits?
  11. The Express 42

    Test Cyp and Insomnia

    Hey guys I am running low dose test cyp at 300 mg a week. I am in week 3 and since I have started I have been having a terribly difficult time sleeping. Like not being able to fall asleep until 3-4 am every night for the past 2 weeks or so and I am waking up groggy af. My first cycle I used test...
  12. The Express 42

    PRE and MAResearch discount codes

    Looking to make an order, searching around for some deals. Anyone know the codes for our board sponsors?
  13. The Express 42

    Appetite Suppressant

    I am looking for something non stim that will actually make a difference. I tend to eat well all day and after dinner and before bed I tend to binge on snack foods. One of the only things that has worked for me in the past was radiate, but Im not sure if it was just the amount of stimulants or...
  14. The Express 42

    High Prolactin?

    Hey there folks, just some questions. So October I finished my first test E cycle. At one point in there I ran a bottle of 19 Nor DHEA but no other 19nors. I did let my estrogen get out of hand. No bloodwork to confirm but I wasn’t taking an ai until e got too high cuz I was stupid and yes I had...
  15. The Express 42

    Mucuna pruriens/ L dopa, wake up with headaches?

    I have noticed in the past when taking l dopa that I always experience a headache when I wake up the next morning and I can't get it to go away without a tylenol/ibuprofen/caffeine combo. Significant enough that I would want to stay away. Although I am very interested in the positive effects of...
  16. The Express 42

    The Express gets shreddy with TRUE SHRED! (Sponsored Log)

    Alrighty Ladies and Gents, Strong Supplement Shop sent me a bottle of True Shred to do a log for them. I can assure you diet and training are going to be in check so I can really tell if this supplement is doing as it claims. I am 6'1 225lbs currently probably around 12% body fat. I will have...
  17. The Express 42

    Thoughts on using Clomid while cutting

    It is common knowledge that cutting can cause a significant decrease in testosterone in natural athletes once they start to get below 9-10% bf. Would taking a low dose clomid two or three days a week combat this? I may try and do a little experiment on myself once funds permit just curious on...
  18. The Express 42

    New BLR product?

    Wasn't Brundel hyping up a new natural product awhile ago that was supposed to be out already? I couldn't find the thread but I remember him saying weeks at the time and its been months just wondering if anybody knew what the situation is with that
  19. The Express 42

    My LGD 3303 Experiences

    Okay so this is my first experience with LGD 3303. I am using this on a cut for show preparation. I have taken one 4mg capsule the last three days and I am going to bump it up to two most likely for the remainder of the bottle. Maybe 3 caps the last two weeks. As I mentioned I am cutting, I am...
  20. The Express 42

    Iron Legion Virtus Restock?

    Any Iron Legion reps out and about? Whats the deal with this being sold out absolutely everywhere? Its not going away for good is it?