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  1. Generation Iron 3 on Netflix

    Men’s physique has morphed so dramatically from what it’s original intention was. Just like what the mass monsters did to the open class. It’s an inevitable evolution of things.
  2. Creatine as part of PCT

    Most of us are taking creatine pretty much all the time and don’t even count it as a supp, really.
  3. What’s the best powelrbuilding program I can do?

    I think Jeff nippard is coming out with one in a few weeks.
  4. NPP

    Sure. 300 isnt an insignificant dose of npp.
  5. GDAs

    thanks for the heads up, just stocked up.
  6. Peloton

    Don’t know much about it, but I’m sure something like the bowflex bike, or a couple of the similar options would be just fine. The price on he peloton is just nuts.
  7. 2020 NFL Draft & Season Chat Thread

    I really can’t see there being a season at this rate.
  8. Unanswered Matthersby log: Old man on a mission

    venue sounds like it was pretty miserable. Proud of you for battling through this process, it was really inspiring to watch! Glad you got some hardware and most importantly marked something off the bucket list. Congrats brother!
  9. Low dose test cycle for army officer selection prep

    For what youre going for, eq and tbol would perfect but maybe a little more of an endeavor than what you have in mind.
  10. Best PEDs to enhance fasting fat burn?

    he cant follow a diet. He fasts for 36 hours and then is in a surplus the rest of the time and doesnt understand why that isnt working
  11. What prohormone gives best size gains?

    not entirely sure what all they have. They’ve got quite a few products, though.
  12. What prohormone gives best size gains?

    look up brawn nutrition. UK based, they sell through a few retailers and generally pretty well regarded.
  13. MSTEN (skinny to bulk) major bulk ALL in 5 weeks. Watch this

    alchemist is a freak. 20 is the limit for most until they start feeling like toasted ****.
  14. Bulking cycle with IM trestolone ace: standalone or with test?

    If you do run it with test, keep it low- 200mg tops
  15. MSTEN (skinny to bulk) major bulk ALL in 5 weeks. Watch this

    good luck eating enough to make big gains on 30mg of msten
  16. Best PEDs to enhance fasting fat burn?

    Youre in a surplus 5.5 days out of 7 and you seriously wonder why youre having trouble losing weight? Jesus bro...
  17. Looking to add some Mass

    I don’t really think there’s any natty Supps up for what you’re trying to do. And putting on that kinda weight, get a Costco membership and stop up on steak, potatoes, eggs and milk. Not trying to be a smartass but you’re gonna have to eat and lift your way to this goal. Supps will have very...
  18. Best PEDs to enhance fasting fat burn?

    If you hit a wall at 21%, your diet needs work, not peptides.
  19. Educational Resources

    Look up Menno Henselmans. He’s got some good articles on his site, and he does some informative interviews and suchon YouTube, making appearances on some different podcasts. He’s somewhat guarded with his info- he makes his money as a coach and lecturer after all, so he’s not gonna just put it...
  20. Firearm enthusiasts thread GTFIH!

    Yeah i really want a precision rifle, but such a waste of money considering i have nowhere to shoot it.