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  1. digitalducki

    Digitalducki KetoInduce Defuse Log

    Officially starting my KetoInduce Defuse log. Thanks to Dsade for the opportunity! I will be running the dosages as laid out, KetoInduce pre bed after restricting carbs at least two hours, one cap defuse upon breaking fast, one with mid day meal and 2-3 caps depending on largest meal of day. I...
  2. digitalducki

    Cyber Monday code not working

    Got a electronic cart full of PES goodies and their cyber Monday code isn't working.... Anyone have a solution?
  3. digitalducki

    New alphamine flavors

    Saw this on Facebook, what gives! Where's the flavors? Where can I put in my credit card info and receive said flavors!??
  4. digitalducki

    Where's the Ep1c Unleashed thread??

  5. digitalducki

    Sup3r PCT

    Coming off an epi-tren cycle, pct is clomid 50/50/25/25, do I start Sup3r PCT day one or after 2 weeks?
  6. digitalducki


    EVERY product out of stock at Nutra? What gives
  7. digitalducki

    Quacktastic TD -epi log

    Applied a half dose yesterday morning and a half dose before bed. Yesterday was just cardio, 40 minutes on the stair mill. Not much to report obviously being the first day. Today I applied a full pump, I'm applying it directly to my chest then spreading it around with my wrists and forearms...
  8. digitalducki

    IML EpiTren first cycle

    Just trying to get everything lined up for dosing on cycle support and pct. Never ran a cycle before. Im thinking of going 6 weeks, starting at 2 caps per day working up to 5, running cycle support then I gotta figure out pct. I want everything in order before I start. I'm starting January 14th...
  9. digitalducki

    Conqu3r experience reviews

    Just scrolled the entire Olympus labs section and the only Conqu3r threads i noticed was a label dissection thread and a video review link which I watched before ordering. My order came in yesterday, and I'm going to be trying this Pre for the first time today, so I thought I'd start a thread...
  10. digitalducki

    Hop in Ducks BRITE log

    Starting my log of Evomuse BRITE today. Taking into consideration the reports of nausea etc from other loggers, I have decided to ease into the dosage. I started this morning with 1.5 ml dose. Taste isn't really BAD... But it isn't something I can see myself ever looking forward to lol. Driving...
  11. digitalducki

    Target A-2

    Anyone have the info on this new product? Drops tomorrow apparently
  12. digitalducki

    Wheres the new fat burner?

    Saw a new iforce fatburner.. surprised there's no info on it here
  13. digitalducki

    It works! Does it?

    Friend of mine is promoting it works! Body wraps. Seems gimmicky to me but she's claiming 2-3 inch reductions in an hour... And claims that several wraps are equal to an actual cosmetic procedure. Anybody have any experience with these? Here are the ingredients for examination...
  14. digitalducki

    Transdermal fat loss

    I've used and enjoyed the results of clenviscerate, but I do not enjoy the application and waiting period... Stuff takes forever to dry and my wife beater sticks to me etc I don't have an extra 20 mins in the morning or the desire to use a hair drier etc. has Anyone come out with a similar...
  15. digitalducki


    Got a bottle yesterday that I plan on using in March but I wanted to try it out today. I took 6 caps at 5pm about 30 mins prior to cardio. I did 30 mins level 9 on the matrix stair mill "interval" workout. Normally when I do this workout it's a struggle to last Til 22 mins or the final "hard"...
  16. digitalducki

    Cust service

    Tried to call customer service to check on my order from the 2nd that I have not gotten a single update on; and the phone doesn't even ring it just has a message "your call did not go thru please call again later" any idea what's up?? I emailed them 2 days ago and no reply either.
  17. digitalducki

    I have to tell everyone

    How many times have u thawed meat to just throw it away? Tried to defrost chicken in the microwave and the edges cook and turn hard and white? Get home and everything is frozen solid so u go out for a less nutritious meal? A friend got me a "kitchen gadget" for Xmas and I just gave it a whirl...
  18. digitalducki

    Thought this was funny/odd

  19. digitalducki

    Formeron stack with dermacrine?

    Never used either, would they stack well together? If not what would stack well with either?
  20. digitalducki

    So how about that insider?!?!?

    Where is it! Keep checking my mailbox.