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  1. The day after...

    When you guys have a “accidental” cheat do you guys reduce your calories the next day or just continue like nothing happened? I accidentally had 3 pints of Ben&jerry’s before bed last night... so I went 3600 calories over... 😬
  2. Vanilla protein?

    I like to have a vanilla protein around so I can add it to my shakes and other food. I have been using Quest’s vanilla ice cream protein but starting to get tired of it and want to find something else, preferably natural and one that doesn’t bloat. Anyone have one to recommend? The flavor...
  3. Stims and orals

    It might just be in my head but I try to dose my stims/Adderall away from my oral steroids, in my mind I’m trying to not put too much damage on my heart at the same time, so I try to dose my PED’s in the evenings. Is it only my mind that’s playing tricks on me or does it matter if you dose...
  4. For anyone that uses Proviron with TRT.

    What’s you dosage and how long/can you take Proviron, all the time or in cycles? Also, Proviron keeps estro in check so no need for AI, right?
  5. Advice on estro and DHT.

    So, my total test is 1800, free test in the 400’s but estro high (I think 200) and DHT high. Everything else in range. I don’t have the exact numbers because my Dr gave me the results on the phone but I will go and get a copy tomorrow. This is on 200mg (1 shot a week) and 0.5mg Arimidex on...
  6. Funny question about how to add more weight...

    So I have the keys to my boxing gym and we have a rack with a bench and weight plates up to 325. I’m happy about that but would like to add more weight... we have a few lighter dumbbells, was thinking about attach them to the bar. So my question is, how can I attach them to the bar the best...
  7. Issues with NOW Sleep

    I got this in hopes to sleep better/deeper but I can’t sleep and even if I do fall asleep I can’t stay asleep when I take it. I don’t why, should I just throw it away or can I use it in another way?
  8. Questions about blasting?

    I’m on 200mg Cyp a week and I’m thinking about doing 400mg after all this is over with, but don’t know for how long? How long are you guys usually blasting for that blast and cruise? My main goal is strength.
  9. Running/cramping help

    I used to run a lot but haven’t run as much lately because of trying to get stronger, but since the gyms are closed I got new running shoes to start running again. Cardio is decent since I have been doing sprints and short burst cardio on rower, air bike and elliptical. My problem now is that I...
  10. Test+SD= AI?

    Starting low dose test (200mg, maybe for ever) and will kick start it with SD for 4 weeks. My question is, do I need anastozol these weeks on SD?
  11. How heavy for farmers walk?

    When using the trap bar, how heavy should you go? It is a point where I “think” that my knees might snap, for me it’s above 385, is it necessary to go as heavy as you can (as with deadlifts for an example) or is it ok to go semi heavy? Might be a silly question but I have a tendency to chase...
  12. Best long term add to TRT?

    Is it anything to add that make things better, for health, more free test or whatever?It can be OTC or UG.
  13. Ice baths?

    Anyone use ice bath for recovery? I do ice bath here and there after hard sessions or if I’m really sore, I have done both with and without a warm shower after, I feel a lot better with a hot shower after but read it might take away some of the recovery effects. What is you guys experience?
  14. Pine Pollen bark?

    I ran into an article about it where it said it had a lot of benefits, increased test and lowered bp among others. Anyone had any luck?
  15. Pine Pollen bark?

    I ran into an article about it where it said it had a lot of benefits, increased test and lowered bp among others. Anyone had any luck?
  16. Any vegetarian bodybuilders here?

    I’m watching a show on Netflix called The Game Changers, it’s about the benefits of a vegetarian diet. I’m not sure I’m buying it all but I think most ppl would benefit from eating more greens. My question is, what do you guys eat that eating a vegetarian diet and how much protein do you eat...
  17. True Shred

    When can we expect a sale? I want to get a bunch of bottles 😬
  18. Deals for True Shred

    Anyone know any? I want to get a few bottles and hoping to find some Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals
  19. Anyone using Resveratrol?

    I seen it as a natural test booster and estrogen controller with other health benefits, anyone had luck with it or felt any noticeable difference?
  20. Var vs Tbol?

    For ppl that used both, which one do you prefer for strength, fat loss and which one is less faked? I used Var a few times but thinking about switching it up next time, thanks for any input.