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  1. The Express 42

    The New Product Release Thread

    Wasn’t a fan of the cookie dough either 🤷🏼‍♂️ hoping they don’t ruin the upcoming red velvet
  2. The Express 42

    Cortisol Supplement Don’t Work!!

    SNS Reduce XT and SNS KSM66. You’ll see a reduction no doubt. I do like Invictus as well
  3. The Express 42

    Has anyone tried this test booster? Looks great

    Looks pretty solid to me! Pretty close to M test though which is a board favorite and can be found around $30. Can’t go wrong either way
  4. The Express 42

    Conquer Unleashed discontinued?

    Where have you been bro? Way better preworkouts out there that also don’t taste like booty lol I’ve been using Pump Addict from Muscle Addiction and it’s awesome. Great fully doses comprehensive preworkout. Hosstile supps and Morphogen have good options as well
  5. The Express 42

    AD Matador

    SNS Glycophase is the best bang for your buck. I would do that or just get your hands on some berberine
  6. The Express 42

    Muscle hardening stack,dunno what to choose..

    CEL Stano Plex + Reduce XT+ one of iconic formulations androsterone products
  7. The Express 42


    I do enjoy the effect I get from Invictus but I can get the same effect with the convenience of pills I’ll usually do that and go with reduce XT
  8. The Express 42

    Stim free pump formula

    CEL SuperSwole will have you looking like Thor’s cock haha. Phenomenal stuff and every ingredient clinically dosed. Covers all pump pathways. You won’t be disappointed
  9. The Express 42

    Caffeine free, Creatine free pre workout

    CEL Superswole should fit the bill. Clinically dosed preworkout without caffeine. Will definitely get the blood flowing
  10. The Express 42

    Caffeine free, Creatine free pre workout

    Doesn’t get much better than CEL superswole. My go to evening preworkout since it was released. Especially useful before beach day
  11. The Express 42

    Non-suppressive recomposition stack.

    I like a combo of SNS Lean Edge, CEL Anabolic Effect and Iron Legion Invictus. I’ve had great results in the pat outing these together
  12. The Express 42

    SNS Glycophase 6-8 caps

    You actually don’t want to take a GDA around your workout. I find that if I take my Glycophase just before breakfast I have great pumps and fullness for gym time. I would avoid at least an hour before or after workout
  13. The Express 42

    sns reduce xt legit bottle?

    Yep I get mine straight from the company and some of the bottles are like that with the clear cover! Enjoy your run! Get leannnnnn
  14. The Express 42

    PLEASE HELP.... Estrogen totals at 24,000?????

    Lmao relax dude you’d have tits bigger than Dolly Parton. Retest and make sure it’s a sensitive estrogen test. That’s a false result
  15. The Express 42

    New Natural Supplements vs Old school AIs suggestions

    Stick with the tried and true. X gels have stood the test of time and you could follow up with Anabolic effect or even run them together if funds permit. X gels + VasoForce XT = pumps fo dayzzzz
  16. The Express 42

    Glaxon Labs?

    Labels look cool to me, formulas/pricing however... not so much
  17. The Express 42

    What's the new best cutting hormonal product

    CEL Stano Plex plus Iron Legion XI KT. Doesn’t get much better than that
  18. The Express 42

    Nano 1-T/ Icon One dilemma

    Looks good to me I do like to add anabolic effect to pct now though to help keep new gains
  19. The Express 42

    The New Product Release Thread

    Same with the old cookies and cream lol
  20. The Express 42

    The New Product Release Thread

    Awesome? I think you meant average lol [emoji38]🤷🏼‍♂️