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  1. Beau

    Yoga pants for Procycle starts Now!

    She looks pretty good in a tux.
  2. Beau

    Yoga pants for Procycle starts Now!

    I met Cher while I worked at Disneyland (Jungle Cruise). She is tiny - maybe 5'4", and not the tall woman she was portrayed as being. I do not remember the relative size of her chesticles.
  3. Beau

    Love the booty

    No pics please.
  4. Beau

    Yoga pants for Procycle starts Now!

    It might not be milk.
  5. Beau

    Best supplement review site?

    Not reviews, but for detailed explanation on many supplements:
  6. Beau

    Transdermal Superdrol, anybody tried?

    Either online, or a local equine pet store.
  7. Beau

    New Black Lion Research VASODILATOR****

    Kudos on the label. Stealthy.
  8. Beau

    Yoga pants for Procycle starts Now!

    I bet I know what the seasoned ones have been seasoned with.
  9. Beau

    Blast from the past - BassKillerOnline

    I was around when he was, originally. Great site, great information. Back in the good old days.
  10. Beau

    Iconic Formulations wants YOU to name our new product

    Will Brown Eye be available after we are through with this pesky Covid thing?
  11. Beau

    Crazy Idea?

    Makes sense
  12. Beau

    Crazy Idea?

    Makes sense
  13. Beau

    Crazy Idea?

    I have thought about using a spray after having read a study that concluded that applying moisturizer about 30 minutes to an hour after the TD dries, it increases absorption by about 15%.
  14. Beau

    Crazy Idea?

    I've not used one, but I have read that there are spray on moisturizers that are touted on doing what you are looking to do.
  15. Beau

    Happy to Be Back on The Forums!

    Really back, or just sort of back?
  16. Beau

    Mild APEX TD cycle

    A cracking peeling scrotum ... yes, it is probably best to avoid causing that ...
  17. Beau

    Terrified of TRT treatment

    So, unless I am mistaken, they are a pain in the butt to deal with and, as an extra bonus, they could not give a crap about actually doing their jobs .... How did I do?
  18. Beau

    Terrified of TRT treatment

    Oh My Brother - yes, I have more experience with this type than I can explain. 27 year's worth. I am thankful every day that I no longer have to deal with that crap. She is someone else's nightmare now ...
  19. Beau

    Terrified of TRT treatment

    Pics of nurses?
  20. Beau

    Any interest in a half-assed log/diary for bikini show prep?

    Left thread sad .....