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  1. TeamSavage

    Protein Bar Selection

    Please excuse if this has been covered recently, but... Does NP have any plans to carry a greater variety of protein and meal bars? The selection now is pretty pathetic. I realize there are hundreds of different bars on the market, but even carrying just some basics would be much appreciated...
  2. TeamSavage

    pegMGF Shelf-Life?

    Does anybody know the shelf-life of pegMGF powder (not reconstituted) if it is stored at room temp?
  3. TeamSavage

    How long a break before losing significant muscle/strength?

    Traveling for the holidays disrupted my normal gym schedule, and it got me curious... How long can you take completely off from lifting before you start to lose significant muscle and/or strength? (Assume continuation of high-protein diet with at least maintenance kCals.)
  4. TeamSavage

    PEA - Injection, Transdermal, or Oral?

    Does anybody have any experience using PEA in a transdermal or injection? Since PEA is broken down by the liver on the first pass, I think it's only effective orally if taken with an MAOI. (Anybody have an opinion on this?) So I was thinking of trying a sub-q injection, but I'm unsure of...
  5. TeamSavage

    Permanent Hypogonadism Due to Excessive Aromatase?

    I was reading over an old post on the Swales protocol that included the following written by Swales: "Any more than 500IU of HCG per day causes too much aromatase activity. Some feel aromatase is actually toxic to the Leydig cells of the testes. You are then inducing primary hypogonadism (which...
  6. TeamSavage

    MassFX 25R-diol Write-Up?

    Any word on when we will have a detailed write-up for MassFX? What about information on the 25R-diol ingredient? Since MassFX is now on-sale I'm sure people would like to know how it works.
  7. TeamSavage

    Stacking Methylated Orals – Is It Really Worse? – A Theoretical Question

    Everybody seems to agree that stacking 17-aa methylated orals will cause increased liver toxicity and is generally a dumb idea. It seems prudent to avoid doing so. But I’m wondering why this might be a case? What’s the evidence that stacking two or more methylated compounds is really worse...
  8. TeamSavage

    Lipid and Liver Tests - Superdrol

    I'm preparing to run my first cycle of Superdrol (in either 4 or 8 weeks), and I plan to have blood tests run before, immediately after stopping SD, and after PCT. I'm running the tests for two reasons: 1) To personally evaluate how Superdrol affects my liver, lipids, etc., in order to...