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  1. Mathb33

    Motivation/slap in the face

    Just thought some beta males would enjoy this. Jokes aside, Whatever happens in your life, don’t miss a meal and remember : love is fun, education is great but big biceps are importanter.
  2. Mathb33

    Tren and sterile water?

    So a source that I know sells parabolan that’s in benzyl alcohol 2%,benzyl benzoate 10%, sterile water. Can someone explain me how that makes sense? I don’t know much about this specific type of stuff but sterile water in a oil based substance? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer this...
  3. Mathb33

    GDas supplements with steroids

    Was just curious about everyone’s opinion on GDAs effectiveness in blasts. So yeah I’d like to know what you guys think about these and especially if anyone’s used GDAs while blasting and how did it help(if it did). Love you all ❤️
  4. Mathb33

    Opinions on compounds CUTTING.

    Just curious about everyone’s opinion / thoughts on the matter. I’ve been adding mass a good part of the year 2019 I’m just finishing a blast dropping down to 250mg. I’m going to slowly cut back down from 16% to 9% while cruising and at the end of my 14 weeks I’m probably going to go on another...
  5. Mathb33

    Regulatory Changes in China and the USA

    Link to some explanations dates, compounds if anyone is interested...
  6. Mathb33

    Unanswered 10mg vs 20mg superdrol should I do it?

    I’m curious if some of you guys had any experience with superdrol at 10mg? One of my sources is selling some ridiculously cheap superdrol because it just got expired soooo... 😈 I’ll stock up. I’ve used it twice at 20mg and liked it but I don’t want something as intense as 20mg and I don’t...
  7. Mathb33

    Answered M1A users!?

    M1A is one of the few orals I didn’t run and i wanted to know how you guys would compare it to orals like msten or dmz? I don’t know why M1A has such a bad rep I’m really curious to try it I’m just worried about it not being dry enough compared to other compounds.
  8. Mathb33

    MathB next cycle ideas

    hey guys, should be starting my next cycle in May and I have a few ideas not 100% sure yet what orals ill use so maybe you guys will have ideas or comments about what im thinking. So yeah been on TRT for about 8 months but upped my dose to 250mg weekly. This will be my first "blast" since TRT...
  9. Mathb33

    Weird RAD...?

    I’m pretty experienced with sarms been using them for 3-4 years but. I just bought rad from narrows and it’s my first time trying this source (I’m already 2 months in my cycle of multiple sarms tho) and I thought I tasted em all but it’s something like ive never tasted... it’s a hot feeling...
  10. Mathb33

    PCT Torem questions

    Hello im into a cycle of msten+stano and just had a couple questions before my PCT starts in 3 days. I got liquid torem and was wondering if 120/90/60/60 was the best way? (120 for only 3-4 days of for full week)? Or only 90/90/60/60 also, is there a specific Time during the day its best to take...