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  1. Beau

    Forskolin Suggestions

    I used to use Forskolin extract some time ago, and stopped when I ran out. It has been a long time ... In the past I used everything from a bulk powder 20% extract to Bolic (PureSkolin 96% pure forskolin), and many things in between. I would lie to start using forskolin again, and am...
  2. Beau

    Molecular Weight of HCG - Too High for Transdermal?

    Is the molecular weight too high (or is there any other attribute that would) keep it from being a good candidate for transdermal application?
  3. Beau

    Optimal Amino Acid Based HGH Protocol

    Over the years there have been many protocols for HGH precursors. I would be interested in your recommendations, including dosage and timing. Most frequently, protocols include (not all are amino acids): Arginine, Lysine, Ornithine, Methionine, Phenylalanine and Histidine Others include...
  4. Beau

    Alpha Stano (Sublingual Powder) Supplement Log/Review (Sponsored)

    I was fortunate enough to be selected by Rob to run a log of the Alpha Stano powder. The powder is a combination of 30% epiandrosterone complexed with 70% cyclodextrins. For those of you unfamiliar with cyclodextrin, cyclodextrin increases and enhances solubility and absorption of the material...
  5. Beau

    Best Swalwell Fart Meme?

    Although it was blamed on the sound supposedly emanating from a coffee mug sliding across a desk (yah, I sure that was it ...), many content that the poster boy of stupidity (AKA Eric Swalwell) ripped one during a TV interview. Any good memes? And who is really "behind" this, the Ukrainians or...
  6. Beau

    Unanswered Old School Stash - Bulk 1-Carboxy and Supersaponins Powder Dosage

    Gents - I was not disappointed to find in my OG inventory several unopened containers of NutraPlanet Bulk 1-Carboxy powder and NutraPlanet Bulk Supersaponin powder. Does anyone recall dosing recommendations? Big T you used to use them, correct? @thebigt I also found some Nutraplanet Bulk...
  7. Beau

    October 20, 2019 - Mark Your Calendar

    Gentlemen, Sunday, October 20th, is the anniversary of the day Gerard B. Finneran made an indelible mark in the history of transportation as we now know it. Please reserve a few moments to dwell on the late Mr. Finneran and commemorate the public demonstration he made on all of our behalf...
  8. Beau

    Men Vs. Women - A Theory

    I have the following theory, and welcome your observations. Generally: 1. Men do not understand women, or the way women think. However, men realize that they do not understand women, or the way women think. Men understand that they did not grow up being a woman, know that there are huge...
  9. Beau

    White Punks on Dope

    You can't tell me that this doesn't resonate with you ... right TheBigT?
  10. Beau

    Unanswered Alpha GPC Stack

    I've just received my order of Alpha GPC from Hard Rhino. I am planning on taking it with some coconut oil, Vit D3, Mangnesium, Vit E, ALCAR, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and P5P. Are there any other supplements you would suggest that I run with this choline-based stack?
  11. Beau

    Unanswered Hormonal recovery after anabolic steroid cycle lasts longer than 4 months From the article: "Four months after an anabolic steroid cycle, the production of hormones such as LH and FSH, which stimulate the testes to produce testosterone, will be recovered - but this...
  12. Beau

    Cimetidine and Viagra or Cialis

    Occasionally I reads threads that describe the delayed effect of Viagra or Cialis. I have also read that because of Cimetidine's (the active ingredient in Tagamet and some other anti acid products) impact on CYPs, cimetidine interferes with the body's metabolization of Viagra and Cialis -...
  13. Beau

    Indole-3-carbinol and Stinging Nettle Root = Morning Wood?

    I have made a curious observation - there appears to be a very strong positive correlation after a night on which I have taken Indole-3-carbinol and Stinging Nettle Root Extract (pre-bed) the next morning having morning wood (sorry if that is TMI). I know Stinging Nettle Root Extract allegedly...
  14. Beau

    Best (and Best Value) Pre Workout with VASO 6

    What do you consider to be the best (and best value - price per serving) of the Pre Workout containing 300Mg of VASO 6 per serving?
  15. Beau

    Obama enters new year with no economic vision

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — President Barack Obama is poised to start the new year and the last three years of his presidency without a coherent economic policy. In fact, there is an empty chair where there should be an economic guru capable of helping the president stamp his legacy on American...
  16. Beau

    The real cost of raising the minimum wage

    The real cost of raising the minimum wage Sunday’s New York Times magazine will feature an article called “ Supersize My Wage ” by economics reporter Annie Lowrey. She concludes, “Unlike any other form of wealth redistribution, raising the minimum wage is basically cost-free to Washington. If...
  17. Beau


    TO SPEAK TO A NIGERIAN PRINCE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH CARE, PRESS '1' NOW November 13, 2013 Share on yahoomailShare on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailMore Sharing Services1.8K In a weird confluence of the nation's two most pressing issues -- Obamacare and our insane immigration laws --...
  18. Beau

    L-Dopa (Mucuna) Stack (Dopadex)

    I am looking at possibly running a Dopoadex-based (L-Dopa) stack. I understand L-Dopa better crosses the BBB when used in conjunction with COMT inhibitors and/or a decarboxylase inhibitor. For this reason, I wold like your opinions and thoughts on the following stack: Dopadex Green Tea...
  19. Beau

    Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Naked???

    Suppose there was a thread called "Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Naked???", would you open the thread to see what it was all about? What would be more dissapointing - to open the thread only to find no photographs of Nancy Pelosi naked, or to actually see Nancy Pelosi naked? This is a survey...
  20. Beau

    Pulsing Androgel?

    For those on TRT using Androgel, and who would like to minimize he amount of shutdown that occurs, would there be any benefit to double-dosing Androgel and using EOD, rather than single-dosing it and using it ED?