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  1. Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    2 kanna Z & 2 kanna rush is a great combo
  2. Arnold 2020 Expo Cancelled

    Code COVID19 gets you 19% off at all retailers
  3. Strong supplement shop UK

    I no longer have a dog in this fight anymore as I’m no longer with strong supps but I receive their packages much quicker than any other us retailer
  4. Olympus Labs - Insider OverLoad Thread

    I’ve been enjoying Edge Pump recently and they got around this by just putting a sticker on the lid saying Glycerpump is known to clump, just shake the tub to un-clump’ - seems like a fairly straightforward solution rather than excluding it altogether.
  5. Olympus Labs - Insider OverLoad Thread

    Is that Power Myself? Not a massive fan of pred. In other news, just been clearing out a cupboard and look what I found - a virtually full bottle of Amnes1a, something I thought I’d run out of a long while back
  6. Olympus Labs - Insider OverLoad Thread

    Is there a new UK/EU distributor? I’d love to keep supporting Strong but the shipping from the US to the UK is too damn high at the moment.
  7. Testo boosters problem/Cant find Fadogia Agrestis in EU

    I’d probably see your Dr if you’re feeling symptoms of low testosterone, especially with your medical and substance history
  8. Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    My American chums, namely those in NYC, I need some info. I may have to temporarily re-locate to NY, namely manhattan, in the next 6-9 months through work and I’m just trying to get an idea of things. I currently train in chain gym because it’s 24/7 so I can train any time. What would a...
  9. In the Mail ....

    Bulk powders are my go to for whey and the essentials, great company.
  10. Cheapest fat burner

    As above, nothing’s cheaper than nothing. Presumably you have a gym membership - try some slow, steady state cardio. I’m currently alternating between the cross trainer on the highest setting or power walking on the treadmill on the highest incline - I use it whenever I need to shift the timber...
  11. About to enter a big cut. Thinking of Ignit3/Assassinate/Epilogue...

    In4 true shred, I’m looking to start a cut in the next few weeks with a PH thrown in, probably Epistane. now strong have assassinate back in, I might pick up a couple of bottles of that too
  12. Supplement Recall

    BPI should be alright, after all everything was Verified by Chromadex, right?
  13. Unanswered Focus XT Alien Series Flavors

    After feedback and suggestions from others, I think I’m on board with focus XT. Just played football and had a scoop (candy corn) with 1 x Kanna Rush (150mg caffeine, kanna, yohimbine HCL & alpha-yohimbine) and feel great. Match went really well too. I can’t find the thread but has Joint XT...
  14. Unanswered CEL Super Swole - Massively Dosed Nitric Oxide Enhancer

    I won’t go into it on this thread as it’s not the right place but I’ll post up a mini-review on the strong supps thread later (for edge pump)
  15. Unanswered CEL Super Swole - Massively Dosed Nitric Oxide Enhancer

    Currently running out of Edge Pump so I’m on the market for a new stim-free pre and noticed Strong Supps have this in stock now. Not mad keen on grape flavours (though the grape Edge Pump is nice) so I’ll be going for Cosmic candy or Unicorn juice (?) in a week or so. Also spied Vasoforce Rush...
  16. Fish oil

    CL Oximega über alles
  17. Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    We have one of them at our gym and in 3 years I’ve successfully used it on zero occasions. Fall off every time.
  18. In the Mail ....

    Curious....Thinking about pulling the trigger and finally trying fuel as a good afternoon pick me up. How do you get the price down to $32? Cheapest I could see pre-shipping was 37.99 with two pack and then Instagram code.
  19. Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    Great gesture and an even better reason to buy strong this week
  20. In the Mail ....

    Well it’d go down a storm here if they were able to get a distributor. I’m surprised Predator haven’t been at it, they normally have pretty much everything in from the US