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  1. Donald Trump running for president

    What do you guys feel how about she and her predecessor changed the position, no daily briefings? I hope that’s not a permanent change for the role
  2. Unanswered Usp Labs is back?

    So you are saying they did not license the name from you guys?
  3. Olympus Labs - Insider OverLoad Thread

    Hopefully wider market leads to more sales and then more money into [email protected] for cutting edge formulas. All sounds good to me.
  4. Donald Trump running for president hopefully he keeps talking.
  5. Olympus Labs - Insider OverLoad Thread

    This. Make whatever branding choices you need to maximize growth of the company. As long as that growth does not come at the expense of quality, I am still in. Hopefully most people will take the same view
  6. The New Product Release Thread

    I am not a fan of the rebrand but as long as the products continue to be great, i will keep buying=)
  7. Donald Trump running for president

    This. There is no reason to “bet”, actually read the plans and post support for the statement
  8. Donald Trump running for president

    Could you elaborate on your position? Bc you think the law will be difficult to enforce, nothing should be done?
  9. Donald Trump running for president

    I agree with this thought police idea of being scary and to be clear I did not advocate any form of government censorship, but as a parent, I will probably be reluctant to expose my child to these violent games
  10. Donald Trump running for president

    I have no delusion of convincing anyone of anything, but I do like understanding the position of those that have different viewpoints than me. But fair enough, no need to continue this.
  11. Donald Trump running for president

    It is possible they could contribute to the violence. What do you disagree with what I wrote? This question seems like another deflection
  12. Donald Trump running for president

    I don’t think anyone in your example would claim that the Methodist church contributed in any manner to the accident ( unless of course in your example, the church supplied the booze and didn’t take away the keys). Is your position that ongoing hate filled rhetoric has not been a contributing...
  13. Donald Trump running for president

    nostrum, is it fair to say that you are suggesting that hateful, racist rhetoric has been a contributing factor to the trend of violence that has been noted above in this thread? Rob is your position that this rhetoric has played no role and those providing this rhetoric deserve no blame? if...
  14. Donald Trump running for president
  15. In the Mail ....

    I like it but first impression is that it’s not their best flavor. I have only had only in a shaker with water. Will try it later in a blender- I think it will prob make a difference with the thick mix ins of cookies. Noted it is way better than man’s cookie stuffed cookie which was absolutely...
  16. The New Product Release Thread

    Yes, these sprinkles will lead to massive gains. I am sure some one post a study to back that claim=). On a slightly more serious note, I think these guys do a great job with flavoring- I have enjoyed all of the flavors that I have tried. For me they are right up there with ghost and pes for...
  17. Next PES Insider Deal???

    Agree with the above, it’s a good vanilla variant. I won’t buy again, there are much better Select flavors to choose from. That said, still much better than the strawberry cheesecake flavor.
  18. The New Product Release Thread

    Why didn’t you like radiate? I thought it was awesome and I haven’t seen many bad reviews so am interested in your thoughts
  19. In the Mail ....

    Just tried the Sparta. I agree with the order you have above and I think it’s the best tasting of the three ( I think by a good margin).
  20. NEXT PES Select Flavour REQUESTS HERE!!!

    Any updates on new flavors? Hopefully something no one else has =)