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  1. Caffeine Citrate

    Anyone know the time-release of Caffeine Citrate. I know it yields 50% caffeine by mass, but any clue to how sustained of a release it is? Similar to Infinergy (dicaffeine malate) at all? Links? Synapsin 1Fast400 muscleupcrohn
  2. Win for DMAA
  3. BSL raided?!

    Anyone have any concrete info on what happened and what they took, if anything? Only hearing rumors so far..
  4. Azoth

    AZÖTH Thoughts?
  5. Celastrus Paniculatus

    Came across this ingredient recently and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it and their reaction or opinions of how well it worked? Think it'd work well mixed with a pre workout?
  6. DuraCap Labs busted...AGAIN!

    Latest post of PricePlow's feed: "URGENT!!!!!!!! If you've ever bought Chaos and Pain's Cannibal Ferox AMPed, *Strawbloody Kiwi* flavor, contact us IMMEDIATELY and please tag a friend who may be using this!! The UPC 610563313402 lot (shipped from 7/7/2016 - 9/15/2016) is being RECALLED because...
  7. APS is spreading some CHEER - WEEKLY GIVEAWAY THREAD!!!

    Welcome to the APS Nutrition Giveaway Thread!!! As the holidays near, it's time to spread some cheer courtesy of APS Nutrition! There's no better way to say THANK YOU than by giving away free APS products!!! Stay tuned, be engaged, and you might be the lucky WINNER...
  8. Thoughts on DMAE?

    Anyone have much experience with this ingredient. I've only had it included in various pre workouts, and never felt much. Looking for some feedback from some of the more advanced Noots users in here!
  9. Nutrient partitioners

    Thoughts on BSL's GlycoLog as a good nutrient partitioner / GDA? Good, bad, meh? or avoid due to their "complicated" history?
  10. Get ready for the ULTIMATE workout experience with APS MESOMORPH!!!

    Who's Ready To Experince the Ultimate Pre-Workout Complex?! APS Nutrition is looking for 5 Loggers to run the newest flavor of Mesomorph - TUTTI FRUTTI! Must be 18 or older Be a member here for 3+ months Must have 100+ posts Must have USA shipping address (US ONLY) 2 Posts Per Week Log...
  11. Piriformis Syndrome

    Came down with a nasty bout of piriformis syndrome 3 weeks ago that leads to tingling in my foot and stinging in my upper hamstring. Anyone have experience dealing with this and recommendations for training legs around it?