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  1. Pinning and on cycle

    You should use a different syringe and needle for each injection. They are cheap and the risk of infection just isn't worth it.
  2. Albuterol results after 2 weeks

    Those are pretty decent results for someone with very little BF to lose.
  3. Test

    It would depend on the dosage and the length of time you ran it. Here is a link to a study where 61 men were given doses of test for 20 weeks - The men weren't lifting so if you used a similar amount you could expect better muscle/strength...
  4. just came off after 6months.. my PCT experience

    That's a hell of a combo for 6-8 months. Are you planning on getting any blood work done to check that everything is ok?
  5. Testosterone Enanthate 500mg a Week Conflict.

    I'm a bit confused as to when you have taken the Test. Can you lay it out by week? You say you took test from weeks 1 - 8 and then went abroad on week 9 so didn't take any then? Then you mention that from weeks 9 - 12 you didn't take any test but "I now started tapering at 250mg a week from...
  6. Test e AU prices

    I don't know the Oz prices for AAS but they must be high and I think this is the reason why a lot of Aussies go to Thailand for their gear. You can have a holiday as well as stocking up on cycles as you can buy AAS over the counter. Depending on what you buy it may also work out the same price...
  7. How long to see results

    Yeah, 3 months will a good diet/training plan and you should start to see some results. You should notice strength increases in that time as well.
  8. SARMS LGD + Osta Log

    Any weight gain/fat loss so far? Osta can take a couple of weeks to kick-in but I think LGD is supposed to be quicker.
  9. anavar pct.

    It really depends how much anavar shuts you down. If you search the net you will see people who have done a 6-8 cycle say their libido is still normal, they have no shrinkage and don't do a PCT. Others say that after 4 weeks or so they notice a hit to their libido and there is some shrinkage...
  10. Is eating one fatning meal for the day okay?

    Diet is about effort. The more you put into a strict diet the more you will get out. If you are eating correctly for 95% of the time and have a couple of cheat days per month then you will be ok. I normally eat very strictly for 6 days a week and then have a more relaxed day 1 day per week.
  11. SARMS LGD + Osta Log

    Thanks for the update. The extra strength is good for only a week on the product. Let's hope the libido isn't hit too hard.
  12. omega 3s can cause prostate cancer

    Subbed for the source and more info. There's plenty about this on the news at the moment but I'd like to see the actual published paper to see how the study was conducted, etc.
  13. What the hell is testostrong???

    It's just your usual informercial product that people are buying into -
  14. SARMS LGD + Osta Log

    Subbed, really interested to see how the LGD treats you.
  15. Supplements That Have Blown You Away

    I don't think this was the downfall of Palo Alto Labs, it's just that they decided to go down a different route. I think with Aspire 36 they discovered how much interest there is in this type of sup and that there's more money to be made form sups outside of the fitness industry. As for a...
  16. Bring Back the previous White Flood

    If 225mg a scoop is too much then why not take half a scoop? The full dose for the orig WF was 2 scoops so you were only taking half dose of that so why not do the same with Reborn.
  17. Blood Pressure Issue

    I have high BP and have been on meds for the last couple of years so keep an eye on my BP especially when I start taking any new supps. With the meds my BP is 120/70 but when I use Osta this rises to around 130/80. This doesn't bother me as I know that Osta is causing this and it's not high...
  18. LGD + Osta - PCT

    I think you need to see how shutdown you feel after the LGD. If you have major problems in the libido department after the LGD then there's not much point taking the Osta as this will make the situation worse. I would say do the 7 weeks LGD and if there aren't any shutdown problems then run the...
  19. LGD + Osta - PCT

    Yeah, if the bloodwork at is anything to by you will be shutdown after 7 weeks of LGD so will definitely need the clomid.
  20. T3 vs OTC supps (T2 etc) - My Experience

    Thanks for posting this. After reading your original post about T3 recovery I decided to give it a try as well. I'm 10 days into a 6 week T3/Albuterol/Osta cycle and even this early in my cycle you can definitely tell the difference between these products and natty supps. If this cycle is as...