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  1. Iwilleattuna

    Legal pre contest stack utilizing only PH and other chems?

    Hey guys, I’m considering entering another show. I did an nga natural show last summer in the men’s physique category, but I honestly did not enjoy that and I cannot find many natural shows anymore. Instead of using the real deal , I’ve considered using hexadrone, 1-andro, gw and possibly sr9009...
  2. Iwilleattuna


    Anyone ever try this newer sarm? Very hard to find, so was wondering if anyone had any experience on it? Seems very mild and is reported to have less sides than ostarine. I’m actually considering giving it a go..... for my rat Hopefully supreme starts carrying it.
  3. Iwilleattuna

    Is 7oh still available?

    Is 7oh banned or can it still be accessed? I literally can’t find the powder or the ingredient anywhere , even sketchy supp shops, lol. I’ve read so much good Feedback on it. Why was it stopped being produced ?
  4. Iwilleattuna

    Considering starting Hexadrone around the end of summer. Thoughts?

    Sup guys, as most of you already know me. I never completed the Azinol run . Lasted about a week and a half. Got severe estrogen issues from it, or it triggered worse hormone imbalance for me. I still gained quite a bit off it which I’ve kept. It’s pretty crazy , but people have noticed and...
  5. Iwilleattuna

    Supreme Labs Gw501516 Log

    Just want to say thanks to @cheftepesh1 and Supreme Labs for choosing me to log one of their products. I'll be logging the gw to mainly improve body composition and will compare to the last brand I ran which was very recent, so I would know what to look for. Also, I will be taking notes on how...
  6. Iwilleattuna

    USA Mk2866 - Ostarine For sale or trade

    PM me if interested . Would prefer to sell for a good price , but may be open to trades. Will provide pics if wanted Edit : Would trade for 11kt/11oxo, gw, true shred , ep1logue and or, other epicatechin products.
  7. Iwilleattuna

    Glaxon Labs?

    Was interested in their GDA product. they're fairly new and seem pretty cool. Was wondering if anyone has tried any of their products. The gda product is loaded in terms of dosing
  8. Iwilleattuna

    Been experimenting with a "vegan" HCLF diet

    Well , after a long period with high protein, low carb and mod fat, basically carnivore style, I switched to eating primarily carbs for a short time. Mainly oats, cream of rice, banana and potato. Also my green veggies and some cruciferous vegetables. Seems like I am drying out and responding to...
  9. Iwilleattuna

    USA WTS or WTT Evomuse BMP

    New bottle of bmp . If interested, let me know.
  10. Iwilleattuna

    USA FS: musclesport EAA\bcaa and NI 7-methoxyflavone

    For sale . Eaa is grape limeade flavor
  11. Iwilleattuna

    USA Sold FS or Trade- 1 full bottle Anabolic Effect

    I also have some other opened/ used , I’m trying to get rid of if interested.
  12. Iwilleattuna

    Oral 11Oxo. What's a good dose?

    Hey fellas, I just grabbed some nutra innovations 11-oxo and was wondering what is a good dose? Each cap contains 50mg of adrenosterone and the directions recommend 2 , but I have read threads where you need more than 150 to reap the full benefits. Thanks.
  13. Iwilleattuna

    Completed my first fast for digestive / overall health

    Hey guys, as you know I have a lot of issues with my gut and hormones. Recently been having a lot of inflammation issues, as well. Well , on Wednesday, I just felt horrible so I decided to do my first 24 hour. That night was pretty rough sleeping , barely did sleep because I had SO MUCH ENERGY ...
  14. Iwilleattuna

    WTB or Trade for virtus,letrone, any other anti estrogen.

    I have a few supps to trade . If you got anything , send me a pm
  15. Iwilleattuna

    USA WTB - OG Driven sports or designer supplements lean xtreme w/7OH?

    Been reading about the og formula and saw tons of promising reviews. Was wondering if anyone had any laying around for sale or trade? Open or new, I am down
  16. Iwilleattuna

    Blood test results

    Hey guys, so as you all know I have secondary hypogonadism and have been dealing with it for a while. Well, the doctor I met with tested me and I was 85ng per dL and my lh and Fsh are still crashed. No wonder I’ve been feeling like crap. However, I’m only being prescribed hcg , no clomid . I’m...
  17. Iwilleattuna

    Ep1logue vs Anabolic Effect

    I’ve ran Ep1logue before with good results and am about to try anabolic effect for the first time. I was just wondering how they compare for you guys? Also, Can they be stacked?
  18. Iwilleattuna

    USA X Sarms Yk11 and S4 FS

    If interested, shoot me an offer
  19. Iwilleattuna


    Is 11oxo any good? What are the results like? I've seen it at a couple places but haven't heard much on it
  20. Iwilleattuna

    USA WTS: Toilet Paper

    Charmin 36 rolls Pm offer and open to trade for rubbing alcohol