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  1. Ricky10

    2019-nCoV and Follidrone?

    Maybe it’s time for a Follidrone run! Virologists differ on whether it’s possible to read out viral properties from just the genome sequence, such as whether the microbe is spread by coughing, sneezing, touching, or merely breathing. But the analysis by the Wuhan Institute team found that it...
  2. Ricky10

    Answered Sustain Alpha vs Dermacrine

    I have yet to try Sustain Alpha but have used Dermacrine many times. For people over 40, (not that I am:D) supplemental DHEA/Pregnenolone is often suggested anyway due to naturally declining levels. Wouldn’t it make sense for those over 40 to opt for Dermacrine rather than SA post cycle...or...
  3. Ricky10

    Unanswered Transdermal Trenavar issue

    I received 2 bottles of Fusion Supplements Liquitren 3 days ago, and the solutions are very different. One is a completely clear liquid, just like Invictus The other is like a milky white solution that rubs in more like a very light cream I contacted this UK supplier (yes, that one) about the...
  4. Ricky10

    Answered ? Epiandro/Androsterone confusion ?

    I essentially have 2 questions about use of Epiandro/Androsterone products. First, I have read that the degree to which we become suppressed or shutdown during a prohormone/steroid cycle is largely dependent on how strongly the product/androgen we are using bonds to the AR. DHT is known to be...
  5. Ricky10

    Ultra Test by Antaeus Labs

    I thought it would be beneficial for those of us who are experimenting with this one of a kind new test booster to share our experience in a specific thread. So far, I believe it is only available at Strong Supplement Shop Here is...
  6. Ricky10

    Ricky's Log for White Borneo Kratom capsules from

    Thank you macedog24 for sending me this very generous package of White Vein Borneo capsules 120 ct (550mg-600mg per capsule) to log. This is the product, and a link to the website: I just started experimenting with kratom...
  7. Ricky10

    Ricky gets AMNES1A (unsponsored log)

    I have gone through my fair share of sleep supplements and nighttime HGH support formulas over the years, which are for the most part overlapping categories of very similar ingredients and desired outcomes. Here are some examples of what I have used: USPlabs PowerFULL (not OG) Applied...
  8. Ricky10

    Is Agmatine really our friend?

    I happened to come upon reports today that agmatine suppresses amino acid/protein synthesis as well as cellular proliferation. Consequently, it also has an impact on liver regeneration/health. Here are some links... Agmatine Suppresses Proliferation by Frameshift Induction of Antizyme and...
  9. Ricky10

    Ma Labs Vicaine (unsponsored log)

    Not quite sure what took me so long to give this unique supplement a try, but the time is now! I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps ever since summer came to a close, so I thought this would be a nice option for some mood enhancement from time to time. I have relied quite heavily on...
  10. Ricky10

    MK-677 and IGF-1 Synergy?

    Given that Hi-Tech's Pro IGF-1 product appears to be looking legit, discussion about possible synergy (1+1 =3) between concurrent use of MK-677 (GH secretagogue) and IGF-1 has begun. Personally, I tend to think that MK-677 would have the ability to potentiate the affects of IGF-1, along with...
  11. Ricky10

    High Stim Fat Burner Discussion Thread

    Some of us have been on a quest to find currently available stimmed fat burners that may provide a little more than the more commonly discussed options. Some examples may include Dexamine Black, Burn Xtreme, Black Bombs, Vexxum, and I am sure there are more... Then we have the already discussed...
  12. Ricky10

    Ostarine and Bicalutamide

    Happened to come across some rather scary info regarding Ostarine and the fact that it is derived from a pharmaceutical anti-androgen called Bicalutamide. I never realized this and will probably never touch it again. Ostarine Safety - LEAVINGWEAKNESS...
  13. Ricky10

    Ma huang Alkaloids vs Bronkaid

    Does Bronkaid really contain the alkaloids we all loved so much that got us shredded? I did some research and I came across quite a few people claiming that they just don't find it as mentally stimulating, or to have the same thermogenic qualities. I have enjoyed the past 2-3 days using...
  14. Ricky10

    Bronkaid Stack

    Upon starting my cut and messing around with a few stim based fat burners and some non-stim, I started to get frustrated as everything was falling a bit short as far as obtaining a sustainable mental and physical energy boost. I remembered the days of the ECA stack and how magical it was to have...
  15. Ricky10

    Performax Nootropimax Log (Ricky10)

    First of all, I want to thank Performax Labs for generously giving me the opportunity to log this product!
  16. Ricky10


    Anyone tried this? I remember people raving about how awesome it was when they took it many years ago which I assume was a different formula. Is this similar?
  17. Ricky10

    Atractylodes - Double edged sword?

    Little confused about this ingredient...possibly more specifically the Lancea Species after stumbling upon more info... So the benefits of increased ghrelin secretion such as increased appetite, enhanced digestion, HGH secretion, plus the added diuretic properties are nice... but it seems as...
  18. Ricky10

    ORIG1N vs MassMax XT

    Now that more of us have been taking MassMax XT for a test drive, I thought it might be a good time to start comparing these two natural anabolics as far as results and in some cases lack thereof. Also individual experiences with side effects. Some of us, including myself, have already taken...
  19. Ricky10

    Evomuse Abliderate Ammo

    I have been using this supplement for a week or so in efforts to improve my sleep. While this has been successful, I am most impressed with how potent just one pill really is. Crazy powerful...and seems to possibly do its job a little too well at times. After taking a dose at night before bed, I...
  20. Ricky10

    LGI Supplements...what happened to them?

    LGI used to be a strong force in the supplement industry. I used to love their PWO Fully Loaded AMPlified Energy for one. Seems like they kind of fell of the face of the earth around the time they released The Natural. Did something happen that anyone is aware of?